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The Alaskans


ABC Network
60 Minutes

Set in the 1890s, the Warner brothers adventure series  THE ALASKANS/ABC/1959-60 followed the exploits of two adventurers in search of fortune in the 1898 Klondike gold rush region of Alaska. Regulars included:

  • Roger Moore as Silky Harris, a smooth-talking grifter who' d rather fleece the visiting miners than actually dig for gold himself.
  • Jeff York as Reno McKee, Silky's rough and tumble partner
  • Dorothy Provine as Rocky Shaw, friend of Silky and Reno and an entertainer (with the taste for the finer things in life) who works as a singer/dancer at the Palace Bar in Dawson.
  • Ray Danton as Nifty Cronin, the owner of the Palace Bar who was not above hiring thugs to perform dirty deeds and murder.
  • John Dehner as Soapy Smith, a con man
  • Andrea King as Duchess
  • Walter Burke as Jenks (
  • Claude Akins as Constable Watts


"The Alaskans starring Roger Moore, Dorothy Provine, Jeff York. The Alaskans produced by Warner Brothers"

TRIVIA NOTE: Years later, Roger Moore revealed that the program, although set in the cold north of Alaska, was shot on the back lots in Hollywood during the summer. This, of course, made it quite uncomfortable for the actors who had to wear heavy clothing and hoods to simulate their frigid surrounding. The studio set was covered with gypsum and salt to create the look of snow. See also "Klondike"

Obituaries: Jeff York - 10/11/1995; Ray Danton - 02/11/1992; John Dehner - 02/04/1992.

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