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Alias Smith and Jones


ABC Network
1971 - 1973
60 Minutes

Operating out of Kansas Territory of the 1890's, Hannibal Heyes (Pete Duel/Roger Davis) and Jedediah "Kid" Curry (Ben Murphy) were the leaders of The Devil's Hole Gang.

Their specialty was robbery, especially trains and banks. But times were a changing and the safes that housed the money they sought were becoming too sophisticated to crack, so, one day Heyes and Curry petitioned the Governor of Kansas for an amnesty. George W. Baxter, the  Governor (Jeff Corey) accepted but with one hitch. They had to go straight for one year. In the meantime, they still would be wanted by the law. Some deal!

"Into the West came many men. Some were good men and some were bad men. Some, were good men with some bad in them and some, were bad men with some good in them. This is the story of two pretty good bad men. Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry.

 Together these gentlemen substantially altered the course of America's frontier. They did a lot to change railroad schedules, too. [bridge explodes], And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone. This made our two latter day Robin Hoods very popular with everyone but the railroad and banks. Because unlike Robin Hood, Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry robbed from the rich and kept the money for themselves. It was a good life. But times were changing. Safes were getting better, posses were getting bigger, sheriffs were getting smarter and modern communication made it only a matter of time until they were captured and maybe even killed." -- Opening Narration from the Pilot Movie

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry - ALIAS SMITH AND JONES
Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry

Regular Series Opening Narration

[Roger Davis as Narrator]

Narrator:  Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and   banks they robbed, they never shot anyone. This made our two Kansas cousins very popular with everyone but the railroads and the banks.
Kid Curry: [Posse in hot pursuit] There's one thing we've got to get, Heyes.
Hannibal Heyes:   What's that?"
Kid Curry:  Out of this business!
Governor's Assistant: The Governor can't come flat out and give you amnesty now. First you've got to prove you deserve it.
 Hannibal Heyes: So all we've got to do is stay out of trouble until the Governor figures we deserve amnesty?
    Kid Curry:  But in the meantime we'll still be wanted?
Governor's Assistant:  Well that's true. Til then only you, me and the Governor will know about it. It'll be our secret.
 Hannibal Heyes:  Hah, that's a good deal?
Kid Curry: [Escaping from a posse] I sure wish the Governor would let more people in on our secret.

[Ralph Story narrated the second season]. 

Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes - ALIAS SMITH AND JONES

While waiting for their pardon, the two former outlaws used the aliases of Joshua Smith (Heyes) and Thaddeus Jones (Curry). However, staying out of trouble wasn't as easy at it sounded, especially when their former colleagues from the Devil' Hole gang were always tempting them to return to a life of crime.

Also on their trail were operatives from the Bannerman Detective Agency who plotted to trap them (like filling a train with gold and waiting for the boys to bite on the bait).

The other members of the Devil's Hole Gang included:

  • Earl Holliman as Wheat
  • Dennis Fimple as Kyle Murtry
  • Read Morgan as Lobo

Other folks that came into contact with Heyes and Curry included:

  • James Drury/John Russell/MikeRoads as Sheriff Lom Trevors, who is also aware of the Governor's pardon plan
  • J.D. Cannon as as Harry Briscoe, detective with the Bannerman Detective Agency
  • Burl Ives as Big Mac McCreedy, a wealthy rancher
  • Cesar Romero as Armendiraz, a wealthy Mexican rancher
  • Rudy Vallee as Winford Fletcher
  • Sally Field as Clementine Hale, a scheming old friend
  • Michele Lee as Georgette Sinclair, a larcenous friend

While waiting for their pardon, Smith and Jones were involved in a variety of activities, including: taking on odd jobs like driving a wagon load of dynamite; helping damsels in distress; arresting outlaws; thwarting the plans of con men; being blackmailed and framed for murder; playing in high stake poker games; eluding posses and bounty hunters; and avoiding lawmen who know their true identities.

Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes - ALIAS SMITH AND JONES
Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes

Here is a select list of some other activities:

  • Taking a job at a bank
  • Hired to find a valuable bust Roman buts of Caesar.
  • Accepting jobs to help a widow who ran a saloon
  • Agreeing to deliver a large sum of money to a town
  • Getting involved in a phone horse betting operation
  • Salting a gold mine to thwart a bank embezzler/murderer
  • Working with an archeologist to find giant redheaded Indians
  • A poker game where the participants are being killed off
  • Hunting for buried army payroll that was revealed in a letter
  • A secret mission to Mexico that involved a herd of cattle
  • Returning a fortune in jewels that turn out to be fake
  • A condemned man who tells the boys where to find stolen gold
  • A young man sentenced to hang who claims to be Kid Curry
  • Hired to bring back a runaway wife
  • Retrieving a widow's gold in hostile Indian territory
  • Helping two nuns who are thieves in disguise
  • Join a cattle drive and get accused of murder
  • Being framed for bank robbery by an embezzling banker
  • A prospector arrests the boys for reward and sets them free.
  • Using counterfeit money to stake the boys in a poker game
  • Clear Big Mac McCreedy of a bum murder charge
  • Possibly win their pardon by rescuing a woman from an outlaw
  • Illegal activities in Mexico threatened the boys amnesty
  • Helping a wounded man alleged to be a Treasury agent
  • Guarding a key witness to a murdering rancher
  • Herding wild horses off land owned by a crusty old man

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was canceled in mid-season so viewers never witnessed the boy's long anticipated pardon from the governor.

Actor Pete Duel, who played  Hannibal Heyes on the series, committed suicide on December 31, 1971. Roger Davis, the narrator for the series, took over the role of Hannibal Heyes for the remainder of the series.

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