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Black Saddle


NBC/ABC Network
1959 - 1960
30 Minutes

Peter Breck starred as Clay Culhane, a reformed gunfighter turned lawyer who traveled the New Mexico territory of the late 19th century trying to settle disputes with law books instead of a gun. Clay became a circuit lawyer after all his gunfighter brothers were killed in a shootout.

Clay's headquarters were in the town of Latigo, New Mexico. His friends and colleagues included:

  • Russell Johnson as Marshal Gib Scott, a suspicious lawman who doesn't yet believe Clay's given up his gunfighting ways.
  • Hampton Fancher as Deputy Lom Gillis
  • Anna-Lisa as Nora Travers, the owner of the Marathon Hotel
  • J. Pat O'Malley as Judge Caleb Marsh
  • Walter Burke as Tim Potter
Screen Captures from Series
Opening Credits - BLACK SADDLE
Peter Breck as Clay Culhane - BLACK SADDLE
Russell Johnson as Marshal Gib Scott - BLACK SADDLE

Clay Culhane's cases/clients included:

  • An old friend who lost his ranch to a unscrupulous foreman
  • An ex-lawman with a sick wife who needs a place to recover.
  • A man allegedly killed by his mail order bride
  • A man accused of murder
  • A man accused of robbing a stagecoach
  • A dying gunman wants a will to bequeath stolen bank money
  • A case representing disputed water rights on a farm
  • A war veteran declared dead wants to regain his property
  • A injured man falsely chased by a bounty hunter
  • A gunfighter who once taught Clay to use a gun

Peter Breck as Clay Culhane - BLACK SADDLE

TRIVIA NOTE:  The original pilot for the series was broadcast as an episode of DICK POWELL'S ZANE GREY THEATER, starring Chris Alcaide as Culhane. The series was narrated by Keenan Wynn.

Peter Breck later starred as cattle rancher Nick Barkely on the  popular western series THE BIG VALLEY/ABC/1965-69.

Russell Johnson who played Marshall Gib Scott on the series earned eternal TV fame as Professor Roy Hinkley on the situation comedy GILLIGAN'S ISLAND/CBS/1964-67.

Obituaries: Keenan Wynn: 10/14/1986; J. Pat O'Malley: 02/27/1985; Walter Burke: 08/04/1984

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