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Boots and Saddles


30 Minutes

The story of the American 5th Cavalry stationed at Fort Lowell in the Arizona Territory of the 1870s.

"To command on the Arizona frontier took dedication. Dedication and devotion to an unwavering and unchanging way of life which could be expressed only as...The Army."

Soldiers on duty at Fort Lowell included:

  • Patrick  McVey as Lieutenant Colonel Wesley Hayes, nicknamed "Old Iron Pants" by the men in his command.
  • Jack Pickard as Captain Shank Adams
  • Gardner McKay as Lieutenant Kelly
  • Dave Willock as Lieutenant Binning
  • Mark Roberts as Lieutenant Hagen
  • John Anderson as Sergeant Bullock
  • Michael Emmett as Corporal Britt Davis
  • Johnny Western as Private Ben Jordon
  • Joel Ashley as Private Boone
  • James Dobson as Private Hatfield
  • Robert Knapp as Private Hank Swanson
  • Joe Conley as Private Spanner, a jinx
  • Joe Marston as Private Wells
  • Paul Picerni as Private Grimes
  • Michael Hinn as Luke Cummings, the frontier scout
  • Ross Sturlin as Indian Scout

The men at Fort Lowell faced many hardships and tribulations during their tour of duty in the Southwest, including delayed payrolls, tainted food, desertions, sickness (typhoid), hostile Indians and angry settlers. But they endured with the guidance of officers like Hayes and Adams.

""Someday Shank you be unfortunate enough to reach the rank of Colonel. When that day arrives, you'll understand what is meant by a command decision. You're worried about one company. One. I have a full regiment under me. Twelve companies. Plus the lives of thousands of civilians to protect. I have neither the time or inclination to explain my decision. You have your orders, obey them." -- Lt. Col. Hayes

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TRIVIA NOTE:  The program's title was derived from the traditional "bugle call" used to summon soldiers to their horses. The series was filmed on location in Kanab, Utah.

John Pickard (aka, Capt. Shank Adams) was one of the actors considered for the lead on the western series GUNSMOKE which John Wayne turned down and James Arness won.

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