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Cade's County

Title Card - CADE'S COUNTY

CBS Network
1971 - 1972
60 Minutes

Glenn Ford starred Sheriff Sam Cade, a tough but fair lawman who maintained peace and order in the sprawling desert landscape of Madrid County with the help of his Senior Deputy J.J. Jackson (Edgar Buchanan). Before taking the job as Sheriff, Cade had been US Navy fighter pilot in Korea and an FBI Agent.

Wearing cowboy hats and driving jeeps and cop cars, Sheriff Cade and his deputies patrolled the rugged Southwest territory looking to help those in need and tracking down those who needed to be put behind bars.

Sheriff Sam Cade was also very sensitive man and quite conscious of the plight of the many Native Americans in his jurisdiction.

Others officers and employees on the county payroll included:

  • Taylor Lacher as Deputy Arlo Pritchard, a rookie cop
  • Victor Campos as Deputy Rudy Davillo, a rookie cop
  • Pete Ford as Deputy Pete
  • Sandra Ego as Joannie Little Bird, a Native American radio dispatcher
  • Betty Ann Carr as Betty Ann Sundown, a Native American radio dispatcher who replaced Joannie Little Bird.

Edgar Buchana as Deputy J.J. Jackson and Glenn Ford as Sheriff Sam Cade - CADE'S COUNTY
J.J. Jackson and Sheriff Sam Cade

Here is a select list of Sheriff Sam Cade's police investigations:

  • Cade  searches for a missing miner in a small company town
  • A perfectly robbery perplexes Cade and his deputies.
  • A nut-job sabotages a missile site and tries to set off a nuclear bomb.
  • Sam searches for a Native American man wanted for murder. The man was once Sam's deputy.
  • Prejudice arises when an Arab student is suspected of killing a ranch foreman.
  • Cade tracks a hunter of illegally captured wild horses.
  • Jewel thieves takes one of Cade's deputies as a hostage.
  • Another nut-job thinks he's Billy the Kid.
  • Cade goes undercover to catch gold smugglers.
  • Sam  tracks down a stolen Lamborghini Miura automobile that was involved in a murder attempt.

Screen Shots from Opening Credits

Madrid County Courthouse - CADE'S COUNTY
Sheriff Sam Cade driving his jeep in the desert - CADE'S COUNTY
Aerial view of Sheriff Sam Cade driving his jeep in the desert - CADE'S COUNTY
Sheriff Sam Cade airborn after his jeep leaps over a desert hill - CADE's COUNTY
Deputy J.J. Jackson driving his police car - CADE'S COUNTY
Sheriff Sam Cade standing on a desert hillside - CADE'S COUNTY
Graphic Logo - CADE'S COUNTY

TRIVIA NOTE: CADE'S COUNTY was called SHERIFF OF MADRID when the series ran in syndication. The Deputy Pete character was played by Glenn Ford's son, Pete Ford.

The state in which the series was set was never mentioned, but the desert locales suggest Arizona or New Mexico.

Edgar Buchanan is best remembered for his role as Uncle "movin' kind of slow" Joe on the sitcom PETTICOAT JUNCTION.

Buchanan and Glenn Ford were veterans of the western genre. One of Ford's memorable roles was in the classic western 3:10 to Yuma (1957) where he played Ben Wade, a smooth talking outlaw destined for the gallows.

Obituaries: Glenn Ford: 08/30/2006; Edgar Buchanan: 04/04/1979; Taylor Lacher: 06/21//2005

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