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Casey Jones

Title Card - CASEY JONES

30 Minutes

The railroad adventure CASEY JONES/SYN/1957 featured the famed Engine No.382 (4-6-0) a.k.a. "The Cannonball Express" (a ten-wheeler, 1890s steam engine from the Illinois Central Railroad.

Veteran actor Alan Hale, Jr. starred as John Luther "Casey" Jones, the legendary railroader on the Northwest and Central R.R. who lived in the town of Jackson, Tennessee and rode The Cannonball Express on its many adventures.

Casey's colleagues included:

  • Bobby Clark as Casey Jr., a young engineer
  • Eddie Waller as Red Rock, the conductor
  • Dub Taylor as Wallie Sims, the train's fireman
  • Pat Hogan as Sam Peachpit, an American Indian
  • Mary Lawrence as Casey's wife, Alice
  • Cinders, the dog

The Cannonball Express - CASEY JONES

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

Stop Look and Listen cause you're gonna hear
A brand new story about a great engineer
He's the greatest of them all we claim
Number One's his engine, Casey Jones his name

Casey Jones
Steamin' and a rollin'
Casey Jones
You never have to guess
When you hear the tootin' of the whistle
It's Casey at the throttle of the Cannonball Express

Red Rock and Wallie - Railroad Crew - CASEY JONES
Casey's wife, Alice Jones - CASEY JONES
Cinders the Dog - CASEY JONES

Screen captures from the series opening credits

Closing Lyrics

So long for now we'll be seeing you when
Casey comes rollin' by again
With a steamin' boiler and a smokin' stack
And the wheel striking thunder of the railroad tracks

There'll be Casey Jr. and Old Red Rock, too
Fireman Wally and the rest of the crew
In a thrilling adventure that's a lot of fun
When Casey takes the throttle for another run

TRIVIA NOTE: The real Engine No.382 was wrecked in an accident that killed engineer, Casey Jones in Vaughn, Mississippi on April, 30th 1900. After the devastation, the train was salvaged and rebuilt. It remained in service until the 1930s. A folk song was written about Casey Jones by his former train fireman, Wallace Sanders. Casey Jones' picture also appeared on a postage stamp issued in 1950.

Casey Jones
(as sung by The Grateful Dead)

Drivin' that train, high on cocaine,
Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed
Trouble ahead, trouble behind
And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

This old engine makes it on time
Leaves Central Station at a quarter to nine
Hits River Junction at seventeen-to,
At a quarter to ten you know it's travelin' again


Trouble ahead, a lady in red
Take my advice you'd be better off dead
Switch man sleepin', train a hundred and two
Is on the wrong track and headed for you


Trouble with you is the trouble with me,
Got two good eyes but we still don't see
Come 'round the bend you know it's the end
'Cause the fireman screams and the engine just gleams


Drivin' that train, high on cocaine,
Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed
Trouble ahead, trouble behind
And you know that notion just crossed my mind.
And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

(Music & Lyrics by Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
from the Workingman's Dead Album

Obituaries: Alan Hale, Jr. - 01/02/1990; Dub Taylor - 10/03/1994; Eddie Waller - 08/20/1977; Mary Lawrence - 09/24/1991.

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