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Cimarron Strip


CBS Network
1967 - 68
90 Minutes

Set in the late 19th century, this was the story of US Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) who had the arduous task of patrolling the border area between the Kansas and Indian Territories (some 10 million acres known as the Cimarron Strip).

Marshal Crown was based in Cimarron City. Occasionally, he deputized a stiff-jawed, hot-tempered Scotsman named MacGregor (Percy Herbert) and frontier photographer/writer, Francis Wilde (Randy Boone) to maintain the peace and solve the many problems that plagued the border region.

Marshal Crown and frontier friends - CIMARRON STRIP

Prior his job as US Marshall, Crown was a scout for the Army and also helped clean up the unruly and rowdy town of Abilene, Kansas. In his early days, Jim and his friend Bear (Telly Sevalas) used to cause damage in the saloons and frontier town of the Old West. But since then, Jim had matured, and now he is a firmly committed to upholding and enforcing the laws of the land.

For protection, Marshall Crown carried a .44 caliber, nickel-plated Colt revolver. When he needed to pull out the big guns, he enlisted the aid of the Cimarron Cavalry Post, and Major Ben Covington (Andrew Duggan), the commander of the fort. 

Dulcey Coopersmith (Jill Townsend), a sweet and attractive British woman and owner of the Wayfarers Inn (a tavern and boarding house bequeathed by her father) was also on hand to lend sympathy and support to Crown and his cronies.

Before Dulcey's father, English Charley died (he was run over by a beer wagon), the Wayfarers Inn was known to have the "The Pinkest, Prettiest, Plumpest Girls in Town". MacGregor, a friend of Dulcey's father and fond of alcoholic beverages, sometimes helped run the Inn.

Whenever anyone in town was hurt or ill, they called upon the services of Dr. Kihlgren (Karl Swenson) to patch their gunshot injuries or prescribe a pill for something that ailed them.

US Marshall Badge - CIMARRON STRIP

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Here is a list of Marshal Crown's adventures along the Cimarron Strip:

  • Jim is mistaken for an outlaw, and must must get to Silver City to clear his name and avoid a posse and lynch mob.
  • Major Covington and Marshall Crown join forces to save an errant army private (the Major's son) whose gotten mixed up with a outlaws known as the Deeker Gang.
  • An veteran army sergeant who is disciplined by his commanding officer holds a mock trial to sentence the officer for his crimes.
  • Marshal Crown suspects Tipton, a British visitor (Patrick Horgan) as the culprit for Jack the Ripper style murders.
  • Marshall Crown tracks down ruthless raiders who are preying on isolated Indian villages outside of the Cimarron territories.
  • An outlaw sent to prison for robbing an Army payroll from the Cimarron City Bank vows revenge on Marshal Crown.
  • A wanted outlaw vows revenge on a wealthy rancher and his hired guns who were responsible for killing the outlaw's brother.
  • Six men who are angry that the bank won't cash their payroll checks take over the bank and get their money. Marshall Crown tracks the men down and finds one of them is an old friend.
  • Marshall Crown investigate the hanging of two of his friends.
  • An outlaw left for dead by his colleagues returns years later to exact revenge and get his share of a stolen army payroll.
  • A disgruntled cowhand who loses his job because of Marshall Crown returns to town with dynamite to settle the score.
  • Deputy MacGregor is sentenced to be hanged for killing a lawman sent by a crooked sheriff who wanted Crown dead.
  • Shot and left for dead by outlaws, Marshal Crown is found by a local scavenger who seeks a reward for his assistance.
  • A veteran Army sergeant, who goes on a murderous rampage when his best friend is killed, is sought by Marshall Crown.
  • An outlaw escapes from jail, kidnaps Dulcey Coopersmith and dictates Marshal Crown bring another outlaw to justice.
  • Wild West Show workers cause the death of local Indians and Marshal Crown heads off Ghost Wolf, a grieving father.
  • Ex-convict kidnaps Francis Wilde, stashes his wounded captive in a ghost town and promises to return the boy in exchange for stopping a train load of prisoners being sent to federal prison.
  • Marshal Crown jails his old friend Bear for terrorizing Cimarron City with a gang of cowboys from a nearby ranch.
  • A group of unemployed wolf-hunters create trouble with the local settlers and cattlemen as they seek new jobs.
  • A prisoner witness the murder of another prisoner in the Cimarron jail and offers to identify the man if Marshal Crown releases him from jail and lets him help track down the killer.
  • There's trouble in Cimarron City when the son of a wealthy rancher shoots a preacher and the town demands justice.
  • A notorious outlaw and his gang moves into the Cimarron Strip, but his hold of his gang dissolves when they discover his stash of hidden loot is a hoax.

US Marshall Jim Crown - CIMARRON STRIP


TRIVIA NOTE: Debuting September 7, 1967, CIMARRON STRIP ran for only 23 episodes, but it is remembered by many as one of the finest TV westerns of the 1960s, especially the memorable music score from the opening sequence (composed by Maurice Jarre) that accompanied Marshal Crown as he rode his horse ("Stockings") across the vast and rugged expanse of the Cimarron Strip (aerial footage filmed at Bishop, CA).

Obituaries: Percy Herbert: 12/06/1992;

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