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Circus Boy

Title Card - CIRCUS BOY

NBC/ABC Network
1956 - 1958
30 Minutes

Circus adventure featuring the Burke & Walsh Circus, a band of entertainers lead by Big Tim Champion (Robert Lowery) who traveled the Southwest at the turn-of-the-century.

Other members of the Burke &Walsh Circus included:

  • Mickey Braddock as Corky, a 12-year-old orphan whose parents ("The Flying Falcons") were killed in a hire-wire accident and subsequently adopted by the circus. Corky was the water boy for Bimbo, the baby elephant and friend of Bobo the chimpanzee, Cleo the lion (who dies), Nuba the Lion (replaces Cleo) and Sultan, the tiger.
  • Noah Berry, Jr. as Joey the Clown, whom Corky called "uncle"
  • Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as Pete, a roustabout/canvasman
  • Anthony Caruso as Gambino, the lion tamer
  • Leo Gordon as Hank Miller
  • Andy Clyde as Colonel Jack
  • Billy Barty as Little Tom, the circus dwarf
  • Owlin Howlin as Swifty
  • Eddie Barr as the circus Barker

Miceky Braddock as Corky - CIRCUS BOY

Here is a list of some of Corky's adventures:

  • When Chief Spotted Horse and his tribe are accused of horse stealing, Corky helps prove they are innocent.
  • The Burke and Walsh Circus is robbed by a masked man.
  • The circus arrives in a small town of Hayfield but a councilman who is suspicious of "Circus" people tries to prevent them from performing at a Christmas event.
  • There's an opening for a new high diving act performer and Corky helps a man overcome his fear of heights to get the position.
  • Corky and a circus employee build a hot air balloon and take off against the wishes of Big Tim who doesn't think its safe.
  • Corky investigates a theft allegedly done by an escape artist.
  • Joey the clown contemplates marriage to give Corky a mother.
  • Corky takes a job as junior reporter during the winter layover but becomes disillusioned when he learns his supposedly honest editor is doing the bidding of a dishonest town mayor.
  • Corky and his inventor friend accidentally pollute a water source when they to seed clouds to produce rain for a drought area.
  • The circus workers volunteer to lay railroad tracks to help an old circus friend in competition with a rival company.
  • Thieves on the run get a job with the circus and later try to rob the circus of its latest profits. 
  • Joey and Corky help a friend get out of jail but they do so with money that was supposed to be used to buy circus supplies.
  • A forest fire threatens the life of Corky and a female member of the Marvelous Manelli's, a hire wire act. 
  • To attract more business to the circus, Corky tries to convince Buffalo Bill Cody to come out of retirement and be in their show.

Big Tim Champion, Corky, Joey the Clown and Pete the Roustabout - CIRCUS BOY
Big Tim, Corky, Joey and Pete

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Theme Song Lyrics
(Lyrics by Victor McLeod)

It's big, it's colossal, it's the best show on earth,
the circus will be in town today...
You'll wanna have a lemonade,
You'll wanna see the big parade,
You'll wanna hear the calliope play!

It's great, it's terrific, it's the best show on earth,
nothing could top it anywhere...
You'll get a chance to laugh and play,
You'll have a heart that's young and gay,
And you'll have a happy holiday!

It's great to make believe
that you're the dare devil fellow on the high trapeze...
As far above the crowd,
you'll catch your high flyin' partner with the greatest of ease.

Or you can be a clown...
a happy face pagliatchy happy circus clown,
dressed up in those silly clothes,
with a big red funny nose,
When the mighty circus comes to town!

It's grand, it's tremendous, it's the best show on earth,
so go buy a ticket right away,
You'll get a chance to laugh and play,
You'll have a heart that's young and gay,
And you'll have a happy holiday!

Corky on elephant with chimpanzee - CIRCUS BOY


TRIVIA NOTE: Mickey Braddock later became drummer Mickey Dolenz (his real name), one of the four zany pop rock musicians on the situation comedy THE MONKEES/NBC/1966-68.

Obituaries: Guinn "Big Boy" Williams: 06/06/1962; Noah Beery, Jr: 11/01/1994; Robert Lowery: 12/26/171; Billy Barty: 12/23/2000.

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