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Title Card - DESTRY

ABC Network
60 Minutes

John Gavin starred as Harrison Destry, a peace-loving lawman who was sentenced to a Texas state prison on false robbery charges. Released early for good behavior, Harrison wandered the West in search of the men who framed him. Harrison's father was the legendary lawman, Tom Destry who also liked to avoid a fight if he could.

As he rode the dusty trail, Harrison financed his travels by taking an odd job or two. Sometimes he even helped a damsel in distress.

And, although Harrison was not a fast draw, the rugged, six-foot four-inch tall cowpoke was quite capable with his fists. He also had a great sense of humor.

Here are some of the adventures Destry experienced on the trail:

  • A female afraid that her father will kill the man that wants to romance her, implicates Destry to save her real lover.
  • Destry gets involved in a search for Red Brady who escapes a posse with the help of his teenage son.
  • Destry tries to convince a Minister that bringing religion to the Indians may not be the wisest, nor the safest idea.
  • Citizens think that Destry knows the location of loot stolen by a man who is sentenced to be hanged.
  • Destry meets a young man who is about to receive an inheritance.
  • A sweet little granny who works at the bank grabs a stash of cash and heads out of town on Law and Order Day.
  • Destry gets on the bad side of a pretty saloon keeper.
  • Destry becomes the most popular guy in town when he is appointed the executor of woman's will who left her estate to a deserving person, whom Destry has to choose.
  • Destry escorts a woman to a casino so that she can test a  gambling system that will break the bank and make her rich.
  • Destry takes the job as sheriff that pays $50 a month and offers all sorts of troubles that just might not be worth the salary.
  • Destry reaffirms his promise to find the murderer of a good friend.
  • A blood transfusion gets Destry involved in a blood feud.
  • A man hires Destry as a bodyguard. His job? Keep away a woman who want to marry the man.

John Gavin as DESTRY

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was based on the novel "Destry Rides Again" by Max Brand and the movies Destry Rides Again (1932), starring Tom Mix; Destry Rides Again (1939), starring James Stewart; and Destry (1954) starring Audie Murphy.

The series theme was composed by Randy Sparks and sung by The Ledbetters.

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