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Dundee and the Culhane


CBS Network
60 Minutes

Set in the late 19th century, John Mills starred as Dundee, a British barrister based in Sausalito, California who traveled about the Old West helping clients, assisted by a younger apprentice called Culhane (Sean Garrison).

John Mills as DUNDEE

Sean Garrison as CULHANE

Dundee Culhane

Here are some exploits of the frontier lawyers Dundee and Culhane:

  • Dundee defends a horse that killed a rich man's son.
  • During an Indian attack on an Army outpost, Dundee attempts to retry a murder case that he previously lost.
  • Dundee and Culhane encounter bandits in Mexico.
  • Dundee takes on the case of man accused of murdering his own son, but if the man walks a bandit vows retribution to the town.
  • Dundee defends a mine owner allegedly responsible for the death of several miners. Held 1000 feet underground, the trial is a bit traumatic for Dundee who was once trapped in a cave-in.
  • Dundee defends a man accused of killing a woman's husband in a gun duel. She's suing for $50000 damages.  
  • An Indian Chief forces Dundee to prosecute a prospector for a crime. Culhane is the defense council in this kangaroo court.
  • A woman sues her neighbor for damaging her garden.
  • Dundee discovers that his minster brother is a killer.
  • Culhane and a bounty hunter track a man who stole a large sum of money from a bank safe. He romanced the banker's daughter to gain access to the loot.

TRIVIA NOTE: Rick Falk played the role of The Culhane in the original unaired pilot. The series was cancelled after 13 episodes and replaced by THE JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW/CBS/1967-69.

Obituaries: John Mills: 04/23/2005

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