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Frontier Doctor


30 Minutes

Rex Allen starred as Dr. Bill Baxter, a country doctor who practiced medicine in the small frontier town of Rising Springs, Arizona during the early 1900s. His preferred method of travel was a black-covered buggy pulled by two horses.

The Doc's cases involved, disease, murder, mayhem and acts of compassion. Here is a list of some of his exploits:


  • Stop a dance hall queen from selling diseased cattle.
  • Find a cholera carrier.
  • Investigate contaminated meat rations on an army base.
  • Inoculate a group of Apache Indians against Tuberculosis.
  • Find a wanted fugitive infected with diphtheria.
  • Examines a dead sailor for bubonic plague.
  • Doc transports a needed typhoid vaccine to Mexico.


  • The Doc treats a man and gets framed for murder.
  • Spoiled lady attempts to murder her rich grandfather.
  • Doc uses fingerprints to solve murder of a woman.
  • Two girls are mysteriously strangled in Rising Springs.
  • Feuding family nearly annihilate themselves.
  • Doc takes the blame for killing a Texas Ranger.
  • The Doc is suspicious when two men wind up dead.


  • Doc is called in to treat multiple mine casualties.
  • Outlaws plan to blow up a reservoir dam.
  • The son of rich man is setting destructive fires.
  • A cowpoke in involved in a range war with homesteaders.
  • A youth is accused of a political assassination plot.
  • A feud between oil company and settlers spells trouble.
  • Doc foils a plot to sabotage a railroad project.


  • The Doc helps a girl regain her speech.
  • Doc stops an evil woman from declaring her son insane.
  • The Doc councils a juvenile delinquent.
  • Doc helps a sheriff that suffered a stroke.
  • Doc delivers the baby of a wanted felon.
  • Doc helps a sick cavalry trooper in Indian territory.

Rex Allen as the FRONTIER DOCTOR

TRIVIA NOTE: Born in Willcox, Arizona, Rex Allen was a veteran star of a number of western movies where he was depicted as a singing cowboy. His career is chronicled at the Rex Allen Cowboy Museum located at 155 N Railroad Avenue in Willcox, Arizona.

Rex also narrated a number of Walt Disney nature documentaries, including "Charlie The Lonesome Cougar."

Obituaries: Rex Allen: 12/17/1999

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