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The Gabby Hayes Show


NBC/ABC Network
1950 - 1954/1956
30 Minutes

Set at the Double Bar M Ranch, the grizzly ol' Gabby Hayes hosted stories of the American West with vintage film clips of classic cowboys like Tex Ritter, Tim Holt, and Gene Autry. 

"Well, Howdy Buckeroos, this is your old pal, Gabby Hayes, comin' at you with another one of them rip roarin' western yarns. Heh, yer durnnnn tootin', Yessiree Bob. - - Opening Narration)

In between the western films on his show Gabby widdled on a piece of wood and told yarns of his own about the people and situations he's experienced, usually one of his aunts or uncles or Grandpappy Hayes.

Some of his classic aunt stories were about Calamity Jane Hayes and Spic and Span Hayes. Among his numerous uncles Gabby talked about there was Chuckwagon Hayes, Deadshot Hayes, Lariat Hayes, Locomotive Hayes, Six-Gun Hayes and Twinkle Toes Hayes.

Known for exaggeration, Gaggy Hayes once told a story about his uncle Plumber Hayes whose plumbing sprung a leak and when it was over there was so much water, they had formed the Great Lakes.

Then, there was his uncle Sailfish Hayes who could swim under water for two days at a time He liked to swim with sailfish because they were so fast. Well, one day while the fish were swimming 700 or 800 miles an hour, they jumped out of the water and tossed his uncle so far that when he landed, he dug a ditch so big that today they call it the Panama Canal.

Another of his yarns was about the mosquitoes in Texas that were so big they could eat mountain lions. Here's an excerpt:

"One time they captured a mosquito down there, and he was so big they put an iron around his leg, ya know, added a lot of chain to it and then staked it to the ground. But he was so strong he got away. Flew right up in to the sky. Now listen to this, his wings were so wide when he got up there, you couldn't see the sun no more. Just blacked it out. And do you want to know something? Turned out to be the first eclipse the world had ever knowed."

George 'Gabby' Hayes - Host of THE GABBY HAYES SHOW

"Well, I reckin' that's just about all for today,  Buckeroos, but I'll be back next week with another rip roarin'; western yarn, Heh, yer durnnn tootin'. Yessiree Bob." -- Closing Narration

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TRIVIA NOTE: Over an eight year period, Gabby Hayes (1885-1969) played the sidekick of western star Roy Rogers in 41 films, beginning with Southward Ho (1939).

Gabby Hayes also appeared in 18 Hopalong Cassidy films where he earned the nickname "Windy Hayes" for playing the role of Hoppy's sidekick Windy Halliday. Gabby also appeared with Wild Bill Elliot in a number of his films including two Red Ryder movies.

Two of Gabby's popular catchphrases were "Young Whipper Snapper" and the ever popular "Yer Durn Tootin." which he used on the opening an closing of each of his TV shows.

Obituaries: George "Gabby" Hayes: 02/09/1969

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