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The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams


NBC Network
1977 - 1978
60 Minutes

Set in the 1850s wilderness of the Sierra Nevada's, Dan Haggerty starred as James Adams, a man falsely accused of murder who escaped to the safety of the mountains and befriended a grizzly bear that he called Ben.

Adam's close friends included:

  • Denver Pyle as Mad Jack, a mountain man.
  • Don Shanks as Nakoma, an Indian friend and half brother who along with Mad Jack helped Grizzly build a cabin in the woods. 
  • John Bishop as Robbie Cartman, a farmer's son who loved to listen to Grizzly's stories.
  • Number Seven, Mad Jack's stubborn burro.

Denver Pyle as Mad Jack and Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS
Mad Jack and Grizzly Adams

Opening Narration

"The story of Grizzly Adams is big, powerful, beautiful. They call me Mad Jack and me and my burro Number Seven been traipsin' these slopes and valleys for a long spell, so I know the story from the beginning.

My friend Adams was accused of a crime he did not commit. So he escaped into the mountains, leavin' behind the only life that he ever knew.

Now that wilderness out there ain't no place for a greenhorn. And his chances of surviving were mighty slim. Weren't no time at all he was beaten down and ragged and nearly starved.

Along about then he come upon a grizzly bear cub, all alone and helpless. Now Adams knew that little critter couldn't survive without his help so he started right down that cliff, risking his own life to save him.

 Now that cub took to Adams right off and that was when he discovered he had a special kind of way with animals. They just come right up to him like he was a natural part of the wilderness.

But that bear cub was extra special. As he growed, he became the best friend Adams ever had. And together, they became a legend." 

Nakoma, Grizzly Adam's Blood Brother

Theme Song Lyrics

Deep inside the forest
There's a door into another land.
Here is our life and home.
We are staying here forever
In the beauty of this place all alone.
We keep on hoping.
Maybe there's a world
Where we don't have to run.
Maybe there's a time
We'll call our own,
Living free in harmony and majesty.
Take me home. Take me home.


TRIVIA NOTE: The series was based the the 1972 book "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" written by Charles Sellier and the 1974 spin-off feature film of the same name starring Dan Haggerty. Denver Pyle narrated the series.

The movie of the week finale, “The Capture of Grizzly Adams” aired on NBC in 1980. The plotline followed Adams as he tries to undo the false claim that he killed his wife and prevent his daughter, Peg (Sydney Penny) from being sent to an orphanage.

Obituaries: Denver Pyle: 12/25/1997

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