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CBS Network
60 Minutes

Set in Los Flores, New Mexico during the 1870s, this western drama told the story of Cord (Tony Young), a fast gun who worked as an undercover agent for the military to help maintain peace in the territory.

Cord's other colleagues and acquaintances included:

  • Preston Foster as Captain Wingate, Cord's contact at Fort Scott, the local army garrison.
  • John Pickard as Sgt. Major Murdock
  • Charles Gray as Pico McGuire, an undercover agent
  • Dee Pollock as Billy Urchin, an undercover agent
  • Midge Ware as Amber "Amby" Hollister, the operator of the fort's general store.

Tony Young as Cord - GUNSLINGER

Here is a list of Cord's exploits in the region:

  • Cord tracks Colonel Carson Clayborn, a Civil War veteran who was known for his cruelty to prisoners during the war.
  • Cord takes a prisoner into custody to the fort and away form a local community with lynching on their mind.
  • Cord shadows a recently released prisoner with hopes the man will lead him to money stolen from the army.
  • An army patrol is ambushed and Cord investigates to find the culprits responsible for the death of several troopers.
  • Cord checks out the accusation that an Indian soldier attached to the fort is responsible for molesting a woman.
  • Cord intervenes when a Mexican bandit promises to release a female hostage if the army pays him a tidy ransom.
  • Cord travels to the town of Arroya Seco and gets involved in a border dispute between the US and Mexico.
  • Cord mistakes outlaws dressed in Army uniforms and gets a bullet for his troubles.
  • Cord and Pico investigate the drowning of Mexican settlers who purchased land from a man named Pritchard.

Screen Captures from GUNSLINGER

Opening Credits - GUNSLINGER

Opening Credits - GUNSLINGER
Opening Credits - GUNSLINGER
Opening Credits - GUNSLINGER


TRIVIA NOTE: In 2002, Tony Young died of lung cancer in Hollywood, California at the age of 64.

The series theme song "Gunslinger" was performed by Frankie Laine who also sang the theme vocals for the RAWHIDE and RANGO westerns series.

Obituaries: Tony Young: 02/26/2002; Preston Foster: 07/14/1970

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