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Here Come the Brides


ABC Network
1968 - 1970
60 Minutes

Set in the Northwest woods of Seattle, Washington, this 1870s comedy adventure followed the logging operations of Jason Bolt (Robert Brown) and his brothers Joshua (David Soul) and Jeremy (Bobby Sherman) on Bridal Veil Mountain.

The Mountain, given to them by their parents (now deceased) had been turned into a thriving lumber operation, felling the vast network of trees which grew on its slopes. However, their lumber business was threatened when the loggers in camp began to complain of the lack of women in the area.

The Bolt Brothers, Joshua, Jason and Jeremy

To solve his problem, Jason Bolt borrowed money from a rival saw mill operator Aaron Stempel (Mark Lenard) and with the assistance of a sea captain Roland Francis Clancey (Henry Beckman) and his ship "The Shamus O'Flynn," Jason sailed back to New Bedford, Massachusetts and picked up one-hundred eligible brides for his men.

The plan had only one catch. If any one of the women left before one year was up, Bridal Veil Mountain was to be forfeit as per the loan agreement.

Happily, a year came and went and the mountain remained the property of the Bolt brothers, much to the dismay of Aaron Stempel (who had constantly tried to lure at least one homesick lady to leave the camp).

Stemple wasn't the only one with tricks up their sleeve. Once, to make the men at camp jealous, five of the ladies in camp agreed to become the wives of Morman rancher Adam Wilson.

The Ladies

  • Candy Pruitt as Bridget Hanley, the leader of the ladies
  • Joan Blondell as Lottie Hatfield, proprietor of the camp saloon
  • Susan Tolsky as Biddie Cloom
  • Mitzi Hoag as Miss Essie Gillis, the schoolteacher
  • Patti Cohoon as Molly Pruitt, Candy's little sister
  • Carol Shelyne as Franny
  • Cynthia Hull as Ann
  • Linda Sue Risk as Melody
  • Maralee Foster as Laurel
  • Diane Sayer as Sally
  • Susan Michaels as Mary
  • Sheree North as Fdicia
  • Heidy Hunt as Becky
  • Majel Barrett as Tessa
  • Linda Marsh as Rachel
  • Kristina Holland as Amanda
  • Dolores Mann as Emily
  • Erica Petal as Marcia
  • Christie Matchett as Lizbeth
  • Pamela Dunlap as Abigail
  • Stefani Warren as Lulu Bright
  • Susan Howard as Jane
  • Karen Carlson as Mary Ellen
  • Mary Angela as Sylvia
  • Kathryn Hays as Dena
  • Jacqueline Scott as Linda
  • Susan Silo as Ada Moon
  • Brenda Scott as Bridget
  • Katherine Crawford as Julie
  • Cicely Tyson as Lucenda
  • Jennifer West as Holly
  • Meg Foster as Callie
  • Arlene Martel as Astasia
  • Monica Evans as Renee

The Men

  • Bo Svensen as Big Swede, the camp foreman
  • Hokie Howell as Ben Jenkins
  • Erik Chase as Christopher Pruitt, Candy's little brother
  • William Schallert as Reverend Gaddings
  • Denver Pyle as Uncle Duncan Bolt
  • Robert Biheller as Corky
  • Lindsay Workman as Reverend Adams

Screen Captures from Opening Credits
Bobby Sherman and David Soul - HERE COME THE BRIDES
Bridget Hanley and Mark Lenard - HERE COME THE BRIDES

Listen to Theme Music

Theme Song Lyrics
(by Jack Keller, Hugo Montenegro
& Ernie Sheldon)

The bluest sky you've ever seen, in Seattle.
And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle.
Like a beautiful child
Growing up, free and wild.
Full of hopes and full of fears,
Full of laughter, full of tears,
Full of dreams to last a year
In Seattle.

When you find your own true love
You will know it
By his smile, by the look in his eyes.
Some set pine trees in the air
Or some stand around and stare
Look out everyone, Here Come the Brides.

TRIVIA NOTE: Bridal Veil Mountain was the backdrop for the STAR TREK novel "Ismael" by Barbara Hambly (Pocket Books, 1985). In the book, Mr. Spock reluctantly travels back in time to earth of 1870s where he meets Aaron Stemple, a business man who helps Spock (who has amnesia) recover from his injuries inflicted by Klingons.

The end of the novel revealed that Spock was a descendant of Aaron Stemple and Biddie Cloom on his mother's side. Both Aaron and Biddie were prominent characters on the HERE COME THE BRIDES series.

Of course, Mark Lenard who played the role of Aaron Stemple on HERE COME THE BRIDES later played the role of Spock's Vulcan father, Sarek on the original STAR TREK series.

The series was inspired by an actual event facilitated by a Seattle man named Asa Shinn Mercer, who imported women to the Pacific Northwest in the 1860s. The movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers also carries a similar theme of bachelors in search of women to marry. See also BOATS: "The Shamus O'Flynn"

Obituaries: Mark Lenard: 11/22/1996; Joan Blondell: 12/25/1979; Henry Beckman: 06/17/2008; Hoke Howell: 05/09/1997;

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