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The Hero

Title Card - THE HERO

NBC Network
1966 - 1967
30 Minutes

Richard Mulligan starred as Sam Garret, an actor who played the brave and courageous "Jed Clayton - US Marshal" on a fictional television series.

But the actor and the TV character were nothing alike.  In reality, Sam's TV persona was a staunch upholder of the law in the Old West, but at home, Sam was just a bumbling dad.

Sam's ineptness off screen was once the target of an exposé reporter who started snooping around Sam's family to see if Sam's status as a hero on TV matched his home life.

Richard Mulligan as US Marshal Jed Clayton - THE HERO
US Marshall Jed Clayton

The fictional frontier dangers that Sam faced on his TV show once surfaced for real when Sam earned the ire of a 84-year-old gunfighter who didn't like the way Sam had portrayed his historical character on TV and so he challenged the actor to a shootout.

At times, Sam's popularity as a western hero drew negative reviews from his friends, like the time he went on a camping trip and soon became the target of resentment when all the kids of a fellow camper, Fred Gilman (Victor French) found Sam more interesting than their father.

But the fury of a gunslinger and the resentment of a friend were nothing compared to Sam's wife, Ruth (Mariette Hartley) who became very jealous when Sam's old girlfriend landed a part on Sam's TV show and that part involved kissing US Marshall Jed Clayton.

Mariette Hartley as Ruth - HERO

Richard Mulligan as Sam Logan - HERO

Sam's wife, Ruth Sam offstage

Obituaries: Richard Mulligan: 09/26/2000; Victor French: 06/15/1989;

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