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Hey Dude

Title Card - HEY DUDE

NIK Network
1989 - 1991
30 Minutes

Set at the Bar None Ranch, this western adventure followed the exploits of a group of teenagers (Ted, Brad, Melody, Danny and Jake) who worked at dude ranch in Arizona.

The staff at the Bar None Ranch included:

  • David Brisbin as Mr. Benjamin Ernst, the ranch's overly enthusiastic goofball of a boss. He's a divorced accountant from New Jersey who purchased the Bar None Ranch so he could be  a cowboy. To keep his dream alive, he must sometimes  finding ways to save the ranch, including becoming a professional wrestler, conducting a plan a murder-mystery night, buying the World's Largest Toothpick Sculpture (a scale model of Manhattan) as a tourist attraction, or pushing official Bar None merchandise (spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise, pickles, boot polish, and salad dressing). The Ernst's family motto is "We like Math." Sara (Danielle Blanchard Foster) is Mr. Ernst's ex-wife.
  • Deborah Kalman as Lucy, Mr. Ernst's assistant.
  • Josh Tygiel as Buddy Ernst, the boss's young son. He has a dog named Cassie. Buddy doesn't like the desert. He'd rather live in a city so he can skateboard on the concrete sidewalks.
  • David Lascher as Ted McGriff, the schemer of the bunch. His middle name is Aloicious. Ted's has a disembodied hand called "The Hand That Wouldn't Die "that allegedly came from his great-grandfather Jack's sawmill accident back in 1863 (according to a ghost story he told the gang).
  • Kelly Brown as Bradley "Brad" Taylor, the riding instructor. She attended The Madison School, a boarding school for the rich. Ted and Kyle competed for Brad's affections.
  • Christine Taylor as Melody Hanson, a pleasant blond Olympic caliber swimmer who gives swimming lessons at the ranch pool. She and Bradley flirted with Ted.
  • Joe Torres as Danny Lightfoot, a Hopi Native American teen staffer and talented cartoonist who created an unflattering  comic strip called "The Dud Ranch." He helps out when an archaeologist discovers a sacred Indian burial ground at the Bar None.
  • Jonathan Galkin as Jake Decker, Mr. Ernst's trouble making nephew. He uses a teddy bear named "Mr Bear" for therapy.
  • Geoffrey Coy as Kyle Chandler, a teen who decides to stay at the ranch for the summer. He is the son of Lucy's ex-boyfriend.
  • Sarge McGraw as Homer who delivers hay to the ranch.
  • Robert B. Ramsden as Sam, the chef at the Bar None Ranch.
Mr. Ernst - HEY DUDE Jake - HEY DUDE Ted - HEY DUDE
Buddy - HEY DUDE Melody - HEY DUDE Kyle - HEY DUDE
Brad - HEY DUDE Lucy - HEY DUDE Danny - HEY DUDE

The Staff & Friends of the Bar None Dude Ranch

The boys live in Bunkhouse 7; the girls live in Bunkhouse 8 Cabin 9 is the best guest room at the ranch. The Bar None jeep is a red Wrangler (License: D1BN). Later, a yellow Wrangler (License: IRTA).

Another neighboring ranch is the Circle J Ranch (owned by Ralph). To get there from the Bar None Ranch you "Go right down the road here, take the right fork, go about three...nine, ten miles. You'll see a gas station. Pull over. They'll give you directions."

Here are a few of the activities the staff at the ranch tackled:

  • Leading overnight camping trips.
  • Participating in the employee-of-the-week competition.
  • Handling troublemaking guests, like discovering the identity of a mysterious peeping Tom.
  • Competing in a game of capture the flag or baseball team rivalry between the Bar None Brawlers and the Snake Eyes Ranch owned by Vic Vleck (Paul Secrest).
  • Telling ghost stories.
  • Going on a treasure hunt.
  • Searching for a creature from outer space.

Theme Song Lyrics

It's a little wild and a little strange.
To make your home out on the range.
Mount your horse and come along.
Cause you can't get a ride if you can't hold on.

Singin': Yippie ki yi yay, yippie ki yi what?
Like the cowboys sing: Yippie ki yi yay.
Get along little doggie 'til the break of day.

Better watch out for these man-eating jackrabbits
and that killer cacti
Hey Dude!

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was filmed at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, in Tucson, Arizona.

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