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Hopalong Cassidy


NBC Network
1952 - 1954
30 Minutes

William "Hoppy" Boyd starred as Hopalong Cassidy, a silver-haired western hero dressed in black who helped maintained law and order in the Old West assisted by his sidekick, Red Connors (Edgar Buchanan). Hoppy rode a white horse named Topper.

When Hoppy and Red were not taking it easy at the Bar 20 Ranch, they had many adventures together. Sometimes, they battled smugglers or land swindlers; and other times they came to aid of someone injured, sick or framed for a crime they did not commit.

Red Connor, Hoppy and Cowboy - 'Lawless Legacy' - HOPALONG CASSIDY
Red Connor and Hoppy talk with a cowboy

Here are just a few of their many exploits:

  • Help an innocent Mexican framed for murder.
  • Thwart the theft of rifles meant for the army.
  • Save a man from a lynch mob.
  • Battle evil land swindling lawyers.
  • Intervene in a feud between ranchers.
  • Reveal a preacher is actually a robber.
  • Aid an amnesia victim from land swindlers.
  • Trap thieves using a fancy necklace as bait.
  • Search for a missing Chinese miner.
  • Help a prospector framed for a gold robbery.
  • Investigate the death of Chinese immigrants.
  • Discover a printer is making counterfeit money.
  • Investigate White terrorists posing as Indians.
  • Hoppy & Red are lured into a burning building by a robber.


Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

Here he comes, here he comes
There's the trumpets, there's the drums, here he comes.
Hopalong Cassidy, here he comes.


There he goes, on his way,
Down the moonlite trail to where cowboys graze.
Hopalong Cassidy, Hopalong Cassidy.

He returns, soon again,
There's no use to say goodbye until then.
Hopalong Cassidy, so long Hopalong.


TRIVIA NOTE: Reedited feature films from 1945-49 also appeared on early television networks. Gabby Hayes or Andy Clyde were Hoppy's film sidekicks.

Hoppy derived his nickname from his creator, New York writer Clarence E. Mulford (1883-1956) who originally conceived his hero in the novel Bar-20 (1907) as a tough, tobacco-chewing, hard-drinking cowboy with a limp, hence "Hopalong."

However, when William Boyd took the reigns of the character, he cleaned up the foul-mouthed western star and transformed him into a pristine cowboy hero dressed in black who rode tall in the saddle atop a white horse named Topper. About the only thing he didn't discard was his name "Hopalong." The limp was explained away with a simple healing of his leg.

William Boyd purchased the rights to his own films in the 1940s and subsequently received seventy million dollars when he sold his feature film rights to television.

 Throughout his career as a western movie star, William Boyd realized his importance as a role model to children and so, he set forth principles by which they should behave. He called them his "Creed for American Boys and Girls." These ten commandments of good citizen ship are listed below. 

1. The highest badge of honor a person can wear is honesty.  Be mindful at all times.
2. Your parents are the best friends you have.  Listen to them and obey their instructions.
3. If you want to be respected, you must respect others. Show good manners in every way.
4. Only through hard work and study can you succeed. Don't be lazy.
5. Your good deeds always come to light.  So don't boast or be a show off.
6. If you waste time or money today, you will regret it tomorrow.  Practice thrift in all ways.
7. Many animals are good and loyal companions.  Be friendly and kind to them.
8. A strong, healthy body is a precious gift.  Be neat and clean.
9. Our country's laws are made for your protection. Observe them carefully.
10. Children in many foreign lands are less fortunate than you.  Be glad and proud you are an American.

Obituaries: William Boyd: 09/12/1972; Edgar Buchanan: 04/04/1979.

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