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Kentucky Jones


NBC Network
1964- 1965
30 Minutes

Contemporary comedy/drama set on a forty acre ranch in southern California starring Dennis Weaver as Kenneth Yarborough Jones, a widower veterinarian left with the responsibility of raising a newly adopted 10-year-old Chinese boy named Dwight Eisenhower "Ike" Wong (Ricky Der) whom Dr. Jones had applied for before his wife's sudden death.

Friends and neighbors of Dr. Jones included:

  • Harry Morgan as Seldom Jackson, a former jockey who helps Dr. Jones around the ranch.
  • Keye Luke as Mr. Thomas Wong, Dr. Jones' Chinese friend.
  • Arthur Wong as Mr. Ng, Cherylene's father.
  • Cherylene Lee as Annie Ng, Ike's Chinese friend.
  • Robby Weaver as Paulie Clifton, Ike's friend.
  • Jane Chang as Mrs. Ng.
  • Tommy Lee as Grandfather Ng.
  • Nancy Rennick as Edith Thorncroft, Ike's social worker.
  • Tyler McVey as Sheriff.
  • Malcolm Atterbury as Judge Bleeker.
  • Harry Harvey Sr. as Uncle Henry, Dr. Jones' elderly relative.

Ike Wong and Kenneth Yarborough Jones - KENTUCKY JONES
Ike Wong and "Kentucky" Jones

Other members of the Chinese community included:

  • June Kim as Ping Ping Mock
  • Beulah Quo as Mrs. Tea-Store Fu, Chinatown marriage broker
  • James Hong as Chin King
  • Harold Fong as Hop Lee
  • Allen Jung as Dr. Won Sing
  • H. T. Tsiang as Dr. Fang
  • Gerald Jann as Eddie Chou
  • Lisa Lu as Su Ling
  • and a goat that Ike believes is the reincarnation of Wong Lee, an ancient ancestor.

TRIVIA NOTE: Kenneth Yarborough Jones earned his nickname "Kentucky" because he signed his name "K.Y." Jones (KY being the initials for the state of Kentucky).

Obituaries: Dennis Weaver: 02/24/2006

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