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Title Card - KLONDIKE

NBC Network
1960 - 1961
30 Minutes

Set in Skagway, Alaska during the Gold Rush years of 1897-99, Ralph Taeger starred as Mike Halliday, a gold prospector at odds with Jeff Durain (James Coburn), the owner of a hotel and gambling casino where many of the miners lose their hard-earned money.

Goldie, Mike and Kathy

Other people in this northern mining community included:

  • Mari Blanchard as Kathy O'Hara, an honest hotel owner and friend of Mike Halliday.
  • J. Pat O'Malley as Kathy's uncle Jonah
  • Joi Lansing as Goldie, a greedy, buxom gold rush gal who helped her boyfriend Jeff Durain with his shady deals.
  • L.Q. Jones as Joe Teel
  • Karl Swenson as Dr. Edwards
  • Troy Melton as Ferris
  • Donald Kerr as piano player

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was a copy of an other program of the times, THE ALASKANS starring Roger Moore.

KLONDIKE was directed by Sam Peckinpah who later created the classic western film The Wild Bunch (1969).

When KLONDIKE was cancel in mid season, the lead actors (Ralph Taeger and James Coburn) were given another short-lived series (8 episodes) called ACAPULCO about two adventurous ex-GIs turned beach bums who bodyguarded for a criminal lawyer.

Obituaries: Mari Blanchard: 05/10/1970; James Coburn: 11/18/2002; Joi Lansing: 08/07/1972; Karl Swenson: 10/08/1978; Troy Melton: 11/15/1995; Donald Kerr: 01/25/1977;

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