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Lash of the West


Syndicated &
ABC Network
1951 & 1953
15 Minutes

Reedited "B" western movies starring Lash LaRue and his sidekick Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al "Fuzzy" St. John). Lash rode a horse named Black Diamond.

In the guise of a frontier marshal, cowboy star Lash LaRue hosted the program and introduced film shorts and interviewed a guest (usually a western film veteran).

The movies on the program were snippets of LaRue's old westerns which as Lash explained to the viewers were actually stories about his look-alike grandfather.

In his films, Lash LeRue appeared as Marshal Lash LaRue (and as "The Frontier Phantom" the Marshal's outlaw twin brother), but he sometimes played a character called Marshal Cheyenne Davis, a.k.a. "The Cheyenne Kid."

In the 1953 ABC version of the series, John Martin as Deputy Tom Stratton and Cliff Taylor as Flapjack appeared on the show.


Here is a select filmography of Lash LaRue's western films:

  • The Frontier Phantom (1952)
  • The Black Lash (1952)
  • The Vanishing Outpost (1951)
  • King of the Bullwhip (1950)
  • The Daltons' Women (1950)
  • Son of a Badman (1949)
  • Son of Billy the Kid (1949)
  • Outlaw Country (1949)
  • Frontier Revenge (1948)
  • Mark of the Lash (1948)
  • Dead Man's Gold (1948)
  • The Enchanted Valley (1948)
  • Cheyenne Takes Over (1947)
  • The Fighting Vigilantes (1947)
  • Return of the Lash (1947)
  • Stage to Mesa City (1947)
  • Ghost Town Renegades (1947)
  • Pioneer Justice (1947)
  • Heartaches (1947)
  • Border Feud (1947)
  • Law of the Lash (1947)
  • Wild West (1946)
  • The Caravan Trail (1946)
  • Song of Old Wyoming (1945)


TRIVIA NOTE: Lash La Rue's nickname was "King of the Western Bullwhips." Gee, I guess that's why they call him "Lash."

I wonder what songs La Rue liked? Tops on his list must have been "Whip it" by Devo ("Crack that's not too late to whip it, whip it good").

Obituaries: Lash Le Rue: 05/21/1996; Al St. John: 01/21/1963

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