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The Loner

Title Card - THE LONER

CBS Network
30 Minutes

Lloyd Bridges as William Colton, a battle-weary ex-Union cavalry officer wandering the Old West in search of adventure in the days following the Civil War. 

"In the aftermath of the bloodletting called the Civil War, thousands of rootless, restless, searching men traveled west. Such a man was William Colton. Like the others, he carried a blanket roll, a proficient gun, and a dedication to a new chapter in American history...the opening of the West."

Hoping to find a place he can call home, Colton hits the trail and tries to put the war behind him. As he said, he hopes "to get the cannon smoke out of my eyes, the noise out of my ears...maybe some of the pictures out of my head."

Along the journey, Colton came upon a variety of people. He helped those he could and those who threatened him were met with equal and deadly force, if required.

Lloyd Bridges as William Colton - THE LONER

When a drunkard taunts an aging confederate veteran a short time after the war ended, Colton steps in to help. But when his loyalty is challenged, he angrily replied "I don't owe any allegiance to that flag either. But too many good men died for it to let me sit by and see it get desecrated by a little loudmouth who had no hand in bringing it down."

During his many adventures, Colton:

  • Protects a peace-loving minster form a hoodlum
  • Helps a mute veteran cope with his memories of the war
  • Defends an Indian woman from prejudice
  • Takes a job as deputy in a sleepy Montana town
  • Meets a black veteran who finds his father lynched by bigots
  • Takes on a con artist who stole money from an immigrant
  • Performs an emergency appendectomy on a young gunfighter
  • Joins a posse to hunt down a recluse
  • Escorts an Army deserter back to the fort.
  • Sees a man killed and then gets targeted by an assassin.
  • Is deputized to protect a preacher from an ex-convict
  • Kills an Army officer he thought was an intruder
  • Is shot and left for dead during a stagecoach robbery
  • Gets accused  of killing a sheriff
  • Is deputized to protect a group of reformed criminals
  • Joins a posse to find the men who destroyed a town
  • Fends off a dance hall girl who mistakes him for her mail-order bridegroom.

Lloyd Bridges as Willian Colton - THE LONER

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Obituaries: Lloyd Bridges: 03/10/1998

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