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Man Without a Gun


1957 - 1959
30 Minutes

The story of Adam MacLean (Rex Reason), the crusading newspaper editor of the Yellowstone Sentinel who tried to prove the "pen was mightier than the gun" in the town of Yellowstone in the Dakota Territory of the 1880s.

When Adam wasn't writing stories for the next edition of his newspaper he opened up his office as a school for the local youngsters.

Other friends of Adam MacLean included:

  • Mort Mills as Marshal Frank Tallman
  • Harry Harvey as Mayor George Dixon
  • Forrest Taylor as Doc Brannon

Yellowstone Sentinel - MAN WITHOUT A GUN


The stories reported in the Yellowstone Sentinel included:

  • Local rancher served murder warrant by visiting lawman.
  • Marshal's brother deserts during Indian battle.
  • Indian burial grounds desecrated. Settlers prepare for war.
  • Famous outlaw caught. Reward given to farming family.
  • Editor refuses to reveal a location of wounded outlaw.
  • Citizens petition railroad to run spur line through Yellowstone.
  • Search for stolen gold rests on cracking code to its location.
  • Killer's search for his wife is thwarted by town Doctor/Editor.
  • Man tracks Donovan Gang to avenge the murder of his wife.
  • Marshal Tillman resigns to hunt down fiancée's killers.
  • Yellowstone Sentinel warns killer to get out of town.
  • Ammunition theft traced to the town newspaper office.
  • Woman cares for a wounded stagecoach robber.

TRIVIA NOTE:  Andrew "Andy" Jackson Taylor, a laid-back rural sheriff from the town of Mayberry, North Carolina on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68, very rarely used a gun and would rather talk his way out of a situation than resort to violence. An article in The National Sheriff's Magazine called him "the sheriff without a gun."

The western film Man Without a Gun (1955) starred Robert Mitchum as a hired gun (whose unarmed father had been killed) saves a cow town from a land-grabber and wins back his wife.

Obituaries: Mort Mills: 06/06/1993; Harry Harvey: 11/27/1985; Forrest Taylor: 02/19/1965;   

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