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McLeod's Daughters


WE Channel
2004 - 2006
60 Minutes

Set in the rural outback of Australia, this adventure series followed the exploits of two squabbling half-sisters who ran  Drover's Run, their late father's ranch.

"Well if Clint Eastwood turns up to save us - tell him to rack off." -- Claire McLeod

The people at and near Drover's Run included:

  • Lisa Chappell as Claire McLeod, the  reticent, stubborn sister who was raised on Drover's run and took over its operation when her father died. Claire later died in a truck accident after giving birth to her daughter, Charlotte. The child was fathered by Claire's less than respectable boyfriend, Pete.
  • Bridie Carter as Tess Silverman McLeod, Claire's, audacious, spontaneous, long-lost sister from a second wife. She came to the ranch hoping to sell off her share but realized the ranch was in financial difficulties and so she stayed on to help her sister through the hard times. Tess eventually married Nick Ryan and moved to Argentina.


  • Sonia Todd as Meg Fountain, the loyal housekeeper who eventually moved into the city and later marries Terry Dodge.
  • Rachel Carpani as Jodi Fountain, Meg's daughter who stayed  at Drover's Run and was later accidentally killed in an explosion set by a hitman who had targeted her boyfriend, Matt.
  • Aaron Jeffrey as Alex Ryan, a local helicopter pilot. After Claire's death, he had romantic flings with Stevie Hall and Fiona Webb before running his late father's farm Killarny. He married then divorced Fiona. He still loved Stevie Hall and eventually proposed to Stevie while she was covered in mud.
  • Simmone Mackinnon as Stevie Hall, who took over Drover's Run after Tess moved to Argentina. She loves Alex. Stevie had a child named Rose at the age of 15. During her marriage ceremony Stevie and her maids of honor approach the wedding party on horseback, as Alex arrives in a cloud of dust by truck just in the nick of time.

Minster: We've come here today, to join Alex and Stevie together in marriage. And I think I speak for everyone in the entire district when I say, "It's about bloody time."
Alex: Stevie, you're my best mate. The one I can always count on to pick me up when times are bad. To share my joy when times are good. And to tell me I'm an idiot on the rare occasions that might be true. I promise to cherish... you. To laugh with you. To love and protect you. To love your daughter as my daughter. And everyday I'll ask myself how I ever got to be so blessed.
Stevie: Alex, you are my best friend. And from now on, thanks to you I get to fly. The girl with all the guts was always so scared to even dream that she could bet truly happy. Let alone to  think that it might come true. But now I've got the fairy tale wedding. Alex, I promise to love you, not from this day forward because I have always loved you. I promise I will continue to love you in good times and in bad, in sadness and in joy with everything that I have to give...completely and forever. And when I'm old and grey...
Alex: You'll still be the hottest women I've ever seen in my life.
Minster: [Alex slips the ring on Stevie's finger] I now declare you husband and wife; wife and husband. [They kiss]

When Alex dies after a being hit by falling tree branch on the way from the airport, Stevie took on the responsibility of running both Killarny and Drover's Run until she realized it was too much, seeing that she also had a new baby boy Xander to raise. She opted for managing Killarny and gave up her hold on Drover's Run.

  • Miles Pollard as Nick Ryan, Alex's intelligent brother.
  • Marshal Napier as Harry Ryan, Alex's father who coveted Drover's Run. He was later killed by his wife, Alex's stepmother, Sandra.
  • Jessica Napier as Becky Howard,  a blond, strong-willed lead station hand hired by Claire after being raped by her boss. She eventually falls in love with a station hand on the Kilarny ranch and they leave to start a new life.
  • Rachel Coppes as Ingrid Marr, the local veterinarian. She has a draft horse named Hercules for a pet.
  • John Schwartz as Ben Hall, Stevie's tough cousin. He left home after beating his alcoholic father for hurting his mother. He moved in with Stevie's family. Ben had a broken romance with a girl named Monique and still wears her engagement ring around his neck. He's Stevie's faithful friend and would do anything for her to pay back the kindness she gave him as they grew up.
  • Regina Ritchard as Jaz McLeod, the cousin of Jodi, Tess and Claire. Before coming to Drover's Run she lived with her father Hugh McLeod after his divorce. Jaz was an expert rider and competed in European in equestrian events. When faced with a challenge she hunkers down until she's mastered it.
  • Abi Tucker as Grace Kingston, daughter of Jack McLeod's brother Hugh and younger sister of Rachel McLeod.
  • Luke Jacobz as Patrick Brewer, a farm hand at Drover's Run and brother of Dave Brewer.
  • Gillian Alexy as Tayler Geddes, a beautiful 17-year-old who blames Regan for the death of her father who died in a mining mishap. With no place to go, she stays at Drover's Run and struggles with her feeling about Regan, who wants more than anything to be her friend.
  • Dustin Clare as Riley Ward, a loner, jack of all trades and  excellent horseman who helps out at Drover's Run. He is in love with Jodi McLeod.
  • Doris Younane as Moira Doyle, a self-proclaimed  psychic called "Mystic Miranda" who lives on Drover's Run and does domestic work for room and board. She manages a truck stop since her husband left her for another woman. Moira also owns a fuel hauling service that delivers petrol to local farms. She made music video entitled "Truckstop Woman." with the lyrics:

"I'm handy with a spanner. I like a power tool.
I never met a man I couldn't ever rule.
And if you want an oil change
Then grease my greasy palms.
But if you want an easy ride
Then go back to the farm.
I'm a truckstop woman. I don't back down.
If you can't take the heat, then get out of town.
Hit the highway, hit the byway
Nothing will stop her now
Because she's a truckstop woman
And she don't back down."

  • Matthew Passmore as Marcus Turner, Alex's half brother fathered by Bryce Redstaff, a city barrister. He is romantically linked to Stevie when they're seen dancing together in a newspaper photograph..
  • Michala Banas as Kate Manfredi, the eldest of three sisters. She met Jodi in boarding school, attends Roseworthy Agricultural College Kate hopes to manage a cattle station.

In the series finale, Drover's Run is out of cash and must get all the sheep sheared in one night and sold to save the ranch. With the help of the Killarny ranch the shearing is completed on time but a fire in the silo destroys all the grain that was to be used to feed the cattle in the coming months.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series (a primetime soap opera) was based on the Australian feature film McLeod's Daughters (1996). It was launched on NINE Network in 2001 and ended in a two- part movie length finale in 2009.

McLeod's Daughters was the first prime time drama series to be shot entirely in South Australia. It was filmed on Kinsford, a working farm located in the Light Regional District between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide. The property was purchased by the Nine Network in 1999.

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