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Ned Blessing:
The Story of My Life
& Times

CBS Network
60 Minutes

The recollections of Ned Blessing (Brad Johnson), a notorious 1880s bandit who in his last hours recorded the accounts of his life as he sits as a one-armed old man in a jail cell awaiting the hangman's noose.

"Ned Blessing escaping out of Mexico with General Pelo Blanco on his heels returns home to Plum Creek only to find his father gone and the town taken over by the evil Verlon Borgers and his three sons. When Ned defends Effie and Sealy Pettit against the Borgers he puts his own life in mortal danger. With his friends Crecencio, The Wren, Sticks Packwood, One-Horse, and Judge Longley, Ned overcame Verlon in a fiery shootout. The people of Plum Creek grateful for his protection, ask Ned to be their sheriff while he awaits his father's return." -- Opening Narration

Brad Johnson as NED BLESSING

The people of Plum Creek included:

  • Bill McKinney as Verlon Borgers, a ruthless outlaw struck deaf, dumb and blind when the ghost of a dead sheriff (whom Borgers killed) materialized during a gunfight against Ned Blessing.  Borgers had placed the head of the sheriff on display in a pickle jar.
  • Julius Tennon as Sealy Pettit, a black man born a mute.
  • Luis Avalos as Crecencio Salas, a  Mexican-Indian mystic who trained young Ned to be a bandit after he was kidnapped by a brutal gang of Comancheros.
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy as Effie Pettit, a black woman
  • Brenda Bakke as The Wren, a dance hall girl who fell in love with Ned.
  • Timothy Scott as Sticks Packwood, a deputy.
  • Wes Studi as One-Horse, an Indian who carried around a mysterious bag, the contents of which he would never reveal.
  • Richard Riehle as Judge Longley
  • Ruty Schwimmer as Big Emma, a huge Swedish woman who loved Verlon. She now leads the damage villain around on a rope and conspires with Borgers youngest son, Roby (Rob Campbell) on ways to kill Ned for turning Verlon in a virtual vegetable.
  • Jeremy Roberts as Hugh Bell Borgers, Verlon's oldest son.

While Ned waits for his father to return to Plum Creek, he keeps a vigilant watch for Tors Buckner (Jeff Kober), an evil gunslinger who killed Ned's sweetheart Jilly Blue (Julia Campbell) in a massacre. Jilly, a former saloon hall singer, had become an international singing star prior to her return to Plum Creek.

Ned also had the chance to meet such historical figures as Bat Masterson, Oscar Wilde (Stephen Fry) and the  fictional Mexican General  Pelo Blanco (Tony Genaro).

TRIVIA NOTE: In the two-hour TV movie pilot Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life (1992) Sean Baca played Ned as a youth and Daniel Baldwin portrayed Ned as a  young man. Taylor Fey played the younger Jilly Blue who cared for Ned's father Anthony (Chris Cooper)  a music teacher after he was shot by Bruto Half-Tongue (Miguel Sandoval), a nasty Comanchero.

Obituaries: Timothy Scott: 06/14/1995;

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