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Pistols 'n' Petticoats


CBS Network
1966 - 1967
30 Minutes

Set in the 1870s town of Wretched, Colorado, this was the story of the gun-toting Hanks family who live on the outskirts of town.

All of the members of the Hanks family are crack shots and a threat to any outlaw that might cross their paths. If an outlaw was smart , they'd  skirt the Hank's property rather that face the wrath of this feisty frontier family.  After all, how are you gonna maintain a reputation as a notorious gunslinger when even the Hank's grandparents could take down the fastest guns around.

Although the town of Wretched had a lawman, namely Sheriff Harold Sikes (Gary Vinson), he was an inept bumbler. He tries to enforce  town laws like changing 50 cents for littering and no shooting on Sunday but he was such a wimp that nobody respected his authority.

When Harold couldn't maintain the peace, the Hank's stepped into clean up the town. And the town of Wretched and the surrounding territories were filled with all sorts of outlaws, greedy land barons and hostile Indians on the verge of going on the warpath. But, no matter, the Hanks were ready to take on all comers.

The Hanks Family

Members of the Hank's clan included:

  • Ann Sheridan as Henrietta, an attractive widow nicknamed "Hank" who is a crack shot. She can "hit a coyote on the run."
  • Douglas Fowley as Grandpa Andrew, Henrietta's father, an ex-Union soldier who carries his army issued rifle with him at all times. His aging eyes now need glasses to shoot straight.
  • Ruth McDevitt as Grandma Effi, who reportedly "was best at shooting buttons off of rustler's vests."
  • Carole Wells as Lucy, Henrietta's city-bred daughter who like the rest of the family is an expert shot. She keeps a gun in her garter belt. Miss Lucy is in love with Harold the town Marshal.    
  • Bowser, the Hank's pet wolf.
  • Molly, the Hank's family mule.

Henrietta, Grandma and Grandpa - PISTOLS 'N' PEETICOATS
Henrietta, Grandma and Grandpa in town

Lucy Hanks and Sheriff Harold Sikes - PISTOLS 'N' PETTICOATS
Lucy Hanks and Sheriff Harold Sikes

Other folks in the area included:


  • Stanley Adams as Jed Timmons, a crooked lawyer.
  • Robert Lowery as Buss Courtney, a land baron who covets the Hank's property.
  •  Leo Gordon as Cyrus Breech, a gun smuggler.
  • Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Teasley.
  • Gil Lamb as the town drunk.
  • Pat Buttram as Jake Turner.
  • Judy Canova as Daisy Frogg.
  • Bill Oberlin as a saloon regular.

Local Indians:

  • Lon Chaney Jr. as Chief Eagle Shadow, a Kiowa Indian.
  • Marc Cavell as Gray Hawk , Eagle Shadow's son
  • Alex Henteloff as Little Bear, Great Bear's son.
  • Jay Silverheels as Great Bear, Chief of the Atona Indians
  • Foster Hood as Floating Cloud

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics
(by George Tibbles & Jack Elliot)

Here's the legend about the Hanks in Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

Henrietta can fire a gun with one hand milkin' the goat.
And hit a coyote on the run in Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

The story goes that grandma was best
At shootin' buttons off a rustler's vest.
Shootin' buttons off a rustler's vest.

Grandpa kept his gun in trim,
Nobody messed around with him.
Nobody messed around with him.

Chasin' bandits for them was fun
From Bristol to Terra Haute.
Every gun in the west would run
From Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

That's the legend about the Hanks
 Just the way she was wrote.
They kept busy protecting banks in Pistols 'n' Petticoats

Screen Captures - Series Opening/Closing
Ann Sheridan as Henrietta 'Hank' Hanks - PISTOLS 'N' PETTICOATS
Ruth McDevitt as Grandma Hanks - PISTOLS 'N' PETTICOATS
Douglas Fowley as Grandpa Hanks - PISTOLS 'N' PETTICOATS
Gary Vinson as Sheriff Harold Sikes and Carole Wells as Lucy Hanks - PISTOLS 'N' PETTICOATS

Obituaries: Ruth McDevitt: 05/27/1976; Douglas Fowley: 05/21/1998; Gary Vinson: 10/15/1984; Ann Sheridan: 01/21/1967.

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