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Queen of Swords


2000 - 2001
60 Minutes

Tessie-Marie Santiago starred as Maria Theresa "Tessa" Alvarado, a Spanish aristocrat who returns to Santa Helena, California in 1817 after many years of living in Spain to claim her family's birthright.

Unfortunately, she soon learns that the land is being ruled by an iron-fisted military dictator, since her father's suspicious death from a fall from a horse.

In the tradition of Zorro, Tessa dons black fencing clothes and a mask made from a piece of her mother's lace shawl to become The Queen of Swords, an avenger for the downtrodden who uses her sword and whip to battle the local tyrants. Her secret identity was inspired by a Tarot Card character.

Tessie Santiago as Maria Theresa 'Tessa' Alvarado - QUEEN OF SWORDS

Tessa financed her crusade with a horde of gold she discovered in the wine cellar of her hacienda. It came in handy to help pay the peasant's taxes. She used her father's sword to avenge his death and to defeat her enemies. Tessa became the Queen of Swords after she had a dream where her father told her to take up the cause of the oppressed.

Marta (Pauline Gálvez) is Tessa's gypsy governess and confidante who aids her with her with mystical powers.

Other people in Tessa's life included:

  • Anthony Lemke as Capt. Marcus Grisham a sadistic military leader who murdered Tessa's father.
  • Valentine Pelka as Col. Luis Ramirez Montoya, a despotic military leader who overtaxed the citizens.
  • Peter Wingfield as Dr. Robert Helm, a mysterious Texan for whom Tessa had romantic feelings. 
  • Tacho González as Don Gaspar Hidalgo, a fat land owner.
  • Elsa Pataki as Senora Vera Hildago, Gaspar's sexy wife who had an affair with Capt. Marcus Grisham.
  • Freddy Douglas as Ramon
  • Pilar Abella as Carmina
  • Cristián de la Fuente as Antonio
  • Anthony De Longis as Krane
  • Dan Fredenburgh as Teodoro Selvera
  • Daisy Fuentes as Isabel Selvera
  • James Innes-Smith as Latham
  • Miglen Mirtchev as Vlad
  • David Carradine as The Serpent, Tessa' enemy.


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