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The Range Rider


1951 - 1952
30 Minutes

Jock Mahoney starred as the Range Rider, a frontier hero who roamed the west of the 1800s and righted wrongs with the aid of  his teenage sidekick, Dick West (Dick Jones) known as "The All American Boy."  

Range Rider (that's all they called him) was an experienced gunfighter and frontiersman who wore a buckskin-fringed jacket and a two-pistol holster. Cool under fire, Range Rider readily challenged those villains who threatened the good citizens of the territory.

Dick West, the Range Rider's young and often impetuous sidekick, was an expert rider and gunshot. He could do trick shots from his saddle as he galloped down the trail and could even slide under his horse (Lucky) while it was in mid-stride and get off a quick shot that was sure to hit the bullseye.

Jock Mahoney and Dick Jones - THE RANGE RIDER

  Singers: "Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play"
Announcer:  "And who could be more at home on the range than THE RANGE RIDER with his thrilling adventures of the great outdoors; his exciting experiences rivaling those of Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill, and other pioneers of this wonderful country of ours .... and Dick West, All-American Boy."

          -- Opening Narration

Here are some of the Range Riders' adventures:

  • RR and Dick are mistaken for freight robbing outlaws.
  • RR poses as a gunman to infiltrate a gang so he can discover whose behind a murder and a forged ranch deed.
  • RR and Dick negotiate a feud involving Pony Express officials and citizens who support a stagecoach line.
  • RR and Dick uncover the mystery of a Spanish legend and help a sheriff bring a gang of outlaws to justice.
  • RR and Dick help squatters fight land grabbing outlaws.
  • Dick is accused of killing his Uncle Homer and the Range Rider must prove his sidekick innocent.
  • RR and Dick trail a murderous counterfeiter.
  • RR And Dick find a murdered man and unconscious girl on the road and set out to find the men who rustled their horses.
  • RR encounters his outlaw twin brother who must decide whether to save RR's life or support his outlaw cronies.
  • RR and Dick track a murderous masked bandit.
  • RR seeks to capture Jimmy the Kid (who looks like Dick West) and prove that his sidekick is innocent of a crime.
  • RR and Dick help a Navajo doctor and his people who are being forced off their ancestral lands by outlaws.
  • RR and Dick team up with the Canadian Mounties to track down a gang of outlaws who murdered a trapper.
  • An outlaw impersonates RR to steal a gold shipment.
  • RR and Dick search for buried Aztec treasure.
  • RR and Dick assist a Wells Fargo agent identify an outlaw responsible for robbing gold shipment from a mine.
  • RR and Dick help a woman claim her rightful inheritance.
  • RR and Dick stop outlaws from stealing a silver shipments.
  • RR and Dick stop an Indian uprising by exposing a crooked Indian agent who jailed a Cherokee chief for horse theft.
  • RR and Dick track a killer called "The Black Terror."
  • RR and Dick rescue a doctor kidnapped by outlaws.
  • RR and Dick hunt masked bandits who want to stop the construction of a new telegraph line.
  • RR and Dick help a newly widowed woman search for the killer of her late husband, a newspaper editor.
  • The Range Rider tracks down three outlaws dressed as Cavalry soldiers who stole his horse (Rawhide).
  • RR and Dick encounter a beautiful femme fatale who helps a band of outlaws elude capture.

Episode Screen Captures
Screen Capture - Logo - THE RANGE RIDER Screen Capture - THE RANGE RIDER

Screen Capture - THE RANGE RIDER

Screen Capture - THE RANGE RIDER Screen Capture - THE RANGE RIDER Screen Capture - THE RANGE RIDER

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was produced by Gene Autry's Flying A Productions. The theme song for the program is "Home on the Range."  The state of Kansas adopted this popular frontier anthem as its official state song on June 30, 1947.

Jock Mahoney, a veteran movie actor and stuntman, was the step-father of actress Sally Field (of Gidget and Flying Nun fame).

See also "Buffalo Bill, Jr." and "Yancy Derringer"

Obituaries: Jock Mahoney: 12/14/1989;

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