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Red Ryder

Title Card - RED RYDER

30 Minutes

In the tradition of the LONE RANGER, the frontier hero Red Ryder  and his Indian friend, Little Beaver roamed the West of the 1800s maintaining law and order. Red Ryder's catchphrase was "Roll, Thunder!" as he galloped away on his black stallion.



TRIVIA NOTE: The TV series was based on the comic created by Fred Harman and the subsequent radio program which ran from 1942 until the early 1950s.

Reed Hadley was radio's first Red Ryder (1942-1944); then Carlton Kadell (1945) and Brooke Temple (1946-1951).

The episodes seen on television comprised repackaged Republic Films theatricals first seen in the 1940s and 50s.  Don ‘Red’ Barry (#1), William ‘Wild Bill’ Elliot (#2), Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane (#3), Jim Bannon (#4) as the frontier hero Red Ryder.

Tommy Cook, Don Kay Reynolds, Robert "Bobbie" Blake and Louis Lettieri (#3) played the role of Little Beaver, the Indian boy.

Jim Bannon starred in the unsuccessful 1951 RED RYDER TV pilot. He later played the role of  Sandy North, Ricky's uncle on the western THE ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION/CBS/1955-56.

Allen Rocky" Lane starred in the unsuccessful 1955 RED RYDER TV pilot. A few years later he provided the off-camera voice for Mister Ed, a talking horse featured on the sitcom MISTER ED/CBS/1961-66.

Obituaries: Allen "Rocky" Lane: 10/27/1973; Jim Bannon: 07/28/1984; Bill Elliot: 11/26/1965; Don ' Red' Barry: 07/17/1980;

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