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Riders in the Sky


CBS Network
1991 - 1992
30 Minutes

Three hip cowpokes who lived at Harmony Ranch in Tumbleweed Valley. Their live-action Saturday morning program combined live-action, puppets, cartoons, films and guest stars. The Riders' popular catchphrase was "It may be the easy way, but it's not...the Cowboy way."

The Riders in the Sky included:

  • Paul Woodrow Chrisman as Woody Paul, a dimwitted King of the Cowboy fiddlers known as the man with the "eight-gallon head and in a ten-gallon hat."
  • Douglas Bruce Green as Ranger Doug Ranger Doug, the Idol of American Youth, a yodeling, old fashioned cowboy hero who plays the guitar.
  • Fred LaBour as Too Slim, the mustachioed Too Slim, the comical Man of Many Hats who plays the bass fiddle.

Woody Paul, Ranger Doug, and Two Slim - Riders in the Sky
Woody Paul, Ranger Doug and Too Slim

Other characters on Harmony Ranch included a variety of puppets:

  • Annie Oak, the cowgirl
  • Wyatt Burp, Mrs. Burp, and the Burp daughters
  • The Deputy
  • Teacher's Pet, a little girl in round-rimmed glasses
  • Buffalo Bill, a buffalo
  • Harry Coyote, a coyote.
  • Carla Cactus, a cactus plant
  • Mr. Adler, the vulture
  • Two Jaws, a talking longhorn cattle skull
  • Mean Chili, a cantankerous pot of stew
  • Rattlesnake, a talking reptile.

TRIVIA NOTE: The group's successful National Public Radio program "Riders Radio Theater" was the inspiration for their CBS children's television program and later RIDER'S RADIO THEATER: THE TELEVISION SHOW on the TNT Network.

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