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Young Maverick


CBS Network
1979 - 1980
60 Minutes

Continuing saga of the Maverick family, gamblers and con artists who roamed the country looking for the pot of money at the end of a good poker game.

This version featured Charles Frank as the son of Beau Maverick, and Bart and Bret Maverick's younger cousin. Ben was a suave, fast-talking Harvard dropout and gambler who wandered the Idaho Territory of the 1880s.

Ben friends and colleagues included:

  • Susan Blanchard as Nell McGarrahan, Ben's romantic interest.
  • John Dehner as Marshal Edge Troy a roving US Marshal who always showed up in time to save Ben from trouble. Although prone to trouble, Ben was an avowed coward and would do anything to avoid a fight.

Charles Frank as YOUNG MAVERICK

During their travels, Ben and his partner, Nell involved themselves in all sorts of shenanigans, including conning a crooked marriage broker, betting on a boxing match, coming to the aide of Nell's uncle who was sentenced to death; getting caught in the middle of a bank robbery, and participating in a high stakes poker game to win land owned by an eighty-year-old Indian chief.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series 1978 TV-movie pilot "The New Maverick" featured James Garner as Bret Maverick and Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick as they reprised their roles from the original MAVERICK series. This time around they teamed up with young Ben Maverick to recover stolen army Gatling guns.

Obituaries: John Dehner: 02/04/1992;

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