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Barney-isms - The utterances of the fast-talking, suit-wearing ladies man named Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) on the situation comedy HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER/CBS/2005+.

Neil Patrick Harris - HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Apparently, rich and with a lot of time on his hand, Barney hangs out with his single friend, Ted (Josh Radnor) and tries to liven up his life with challenges to get out there and live it up.

Barney is a perpetual "player," but Ted is tired of game playing and wants is to find the One girl of his dreams and settle down. Basically, Barney is the kind of guy you'd love to pal around with, but would never recommend to your sister for a date. While he chats with his friends, Barney, always the master of the witty banter, spit out such outrageous catchphrase gems as:

  • "You broke up with a porn star? Friendship over!!!"
  • Haaaaaaaave you met Ted?!
  • "Suit Up" (variations: Snowsuit up! "Flight suit up!")
  • "Phone Five!"
  • "Its going to be LEGENDARY"
  • "Here is the plan and I crap you not"
  • "Look at me"
  • "This is so going on my blog"
  • "You really don't read my blog do you"
  • "Dot the I with a cutlet" (make it with a girl)
  • "CSI" (Crazy Scary Investigation)
  • "What up!"

Barney is also the originator of the "Lemon Law of Dating" (which allows anyone to bail on any date within the first five minutes, no questions asked. It's a hall pass for dating. His self-proclaimed nickname is "the Barnacle." He like the hotness of Lebanese girls and half-Asian girls"

Another "ism" of Barney is his "peculiar-ism" because he likes to lick things. Specifically, he has now licked every national monument in the continental United States. including the Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, The Golden Gate Bride and The Alamo.

TRIVIA NOTE: Back in the 1950s, HAPPY FELTON'S SPOTLIGHT GANG/NBC/1954-55, a live Saturday morning show featuring film clips of European vaudeville acts closed with the phrase "Tell five" which invited five others to watch next week.

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