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The Secrets of Management - The topic of discussion featured on an episode of the situation comedy NEWSRADIO/NBC/1995-99

Cast of NewsRadio

Radio station owner Jimmy James (Stephen Root) offered to share the secrets of management to Lisa Miller (Maura Tierney), a curious news writer.

Inviting her to his home, he began an all-night conversation that revealed the following none-to-memorable management tidbits:

  • Measure twice, Cut Once
  • Don't Do Today What You Can Put Off Till Tomorrow
  • No shoes, No shirts, No Service
  • It's Hard To Fly With Eagles When You're Surrounded By Turkeys.

When Lisa complained the supposed secrets were just stupid cliches, her boss remarked "Your sitting in the house that 'Honk If Your Horny' built."

As morning arrived, we still hear Mr. James rambling:

  • No. 434: The Boss Is Never Wrong
  • No. 435: When In Doubt See Secret
  • No. 436: I'm With Stupid;...
  • No. 597: Oops! There It Is!"

When Lisa made her entrance at work the next day, she wore a T-shirt that read: "I Can Go From Zero to Bitch in Sixty Seconds."

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