A Guide to Mattresses: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Shop & Purchase

So, you’re planning to purchase a new mattress. As with buying other brand new pieces of furniture at home, the thought of getting a new mattress might have gotten you thrilled, too. But while it is really exciting, it also involves quite a lot of tough decision-making — starting from the things you have to consider such as which type is best for you, how soft or firm it should be, and even seemingly minor matters like what size should your new mattress be?

Now that a lot of modern mattress designs are being created, it makes the mattress-buying game even more challenging. On the one hand, asking yourself a few basic but essential mattress shopping questions can make the whole situation more manageable. To help you, here are some questions you might want to consider first as you shop and before you purchase.

What lessons have you learned from your old bed?

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It is important that you consider your experiences from your old mattress. Try to ask yourself, what aspects of the bed did I like? For example, maybe you like how bouncy it is or how it has very comfortable padding. Aside from what you like, you should also ask about the things you did not like. For instance, maybe it retains too much heat as you sleep, giving you uncomfortable night sweats.

No matter your reason for liking or disliking, you should consider them as you shop for a better mattress. In this case, you can make a physical list of the things you did not like so you can avoid them. On the other hand, listing down the things you like can help guide you in choosing the bed that can give you the comfort and support you’re looking for in a mattress.

What mattress type do you need?

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Mattresses also have different types. Knowing these is essential to help you buy only the best one that can address your personal needs. This also applies if you are sharing your bed with someone. To help you know what that is, you can start by knowing the basic ones, including:

  • Innerspring – the main distinguishing feature of this type is the use of metal coil springs at its core. The springs serve as its primary support system, where the more a mattress has, the more supportive and comfortable it gets. This count also differs in the most common coil types — bonnell, offset, continuous wire, and pocketed — where the bonnell type contains the least coil count while pocketed contains the most.
  • Foam – in this type, the support system is made of purely foam materials. This gives them the advantage of providing pressure relief and comfort to their users as they can conform to the body’s shape. This means that it can help align the spine to avoid waking up with back pain. Foam mattresses are made of different materials, but polyurethane, memory, and latex are the three most common ones.
  • Hybrid – some people do not find mattresses with only coil springs or only foam as very comfortable and supportive. This is where hybrid mattresses come in. This is a combination or a hybrid of coil springs at their core, topped with layers of comfortable foam, either from latex, polyurethane, or memory.

There are still so many types and while you are trying to figure out which among them is the better one, know that the criteria for the “best mattress” always depends on your preference. To give you some ideas about the best types to buy in 2024, you can Click Here and learn more.

What benefits can you get if you buy this mattress?

When you purchase a new mattress, the main goal is to choose the one that can give you a good night’s rest. That is, it should be able to provide you enough support and comfort by addressing particular problems that you’ve had with your previous mattress. For example, maybe your old one has been giving you back pains because it is too firm and you’re a side-sleeper. In this case, you’d better choose a softer mattress.

Aside from the benefit of comfort and support, it is also wise to consider what the seller or the store can offer you when buying the mattress from them. This could include a reasonable warranty, a discount promo, a trial period, and the likes. When you consider these matters also, a win-win situation can be guaranteed.

Does it have a return or refund policy?

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It is also reasonable to check the refund or return policies before you buy. This is where knowing the company’s terms and conditions applies. It is the responsibility of mattress companies to inform their consumers about these conditions and make them available to them. On the other hand, it is your responsibility as a buyer to understand and learn about them.

When you check about these policies, it’s best to clarify how they will respond in case the mattress that arrived on your front door got damaged in certain areas. In this case, how will the transportation take place? Are they still responsible for the shipping, or do you do it yourself? These are crucial to check so that it will be less of a hassle for you when the time comes.

Can you afford it?

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Probably one of the major questions you should ask is this: am I capable of buying this mattress? As you might already know, a mattress, no matter the size, is no small purchase to make. That’s why you must think about it carefully first to avoid wasting your money and buying the wrong one.

Furthermore, you should always consider the amount you are willing to spend on a mattress. First, decide on a budget and then try not to go less or beyond this. However, you should also consider whether the quality of the mattress you are eyeing is worth its cost. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. This is also why you should know the mattress type that would best address your needs.


Purchasing a mattress isn’t just like your typical shopping spree. It should be carefully planned and well thought of because your comfortability and sleep are at stake here. Everyone deserves to rest comfortably, and this starts with buying the right mattress. You can use the guide questions above to help you in your mattress shopping journey.