TOEIC Exam Preparation Materials: Target TOEIC

Target TOEIC

Target TOEIC® – Upgrading TOEIC® Test-taking Skills is a TOEIC exam preparation material that helps test takers familiarize themselves with the latest exam forms and techniques during TOEIC preparation through 06 sample tests modeled after the test practice exam. This book is one of the four famous TOEIC exam preparation books by Anna Taylor: Starter … Read more



TOEIC test preparation material: Developing Skills book for the TOEIC Test (latest updated edition, with 03 CDs) helps intermediate level students to practice their skills in order to prepare for the TOEIC test by practicing various forms Questions, vocabulary, grammar and common question structures in the TOEIC test. If you are looking for quality TOEIC … Read more

Download Full Set of TACTICS FOR LISTENING – Listening Practice Books for all Level

Tactics for listening

If you are starting to learn English and haven’t found a consistent listening path, Tactics for Listening is the book you need. The book is designed from basic to advanced with the highest level Tactics for Listening Expanding to help you reach the 800+ TOEIC taget. WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? The book is divided … Read more

Complete set of materials to get the best score on the TOEIC listening test

With the logical content and sticking with the exam, Hacker TOEIC Listening is for all levels from beginner to advanced.

TOEIC Listening (Listening comprehension) is a very important part of the TOEIC test. For this section, which document should you study? In today’s post, I will introduce all of the best TOEIC listening materials to you. Before reading this article, you need to understand the structure and method of studying TOEIC Listening. There are many … Read more