Do You Bet Big or Small When Playing Online Pokies

In general, we must agree that online pokies have earned the real title of being the most popular online game to bet on. We can say that about 70% of the overall gambling activities include playing online pokies.

This game type gained huge popularity among gamblers who wants to make their bets at .

There are multiple reasons why online pokies are attracting so many players. We must highlight that they are developed by top-leading software providers which means that many online pokies titles are coming with amazing and thrilling features, graphics, bonuses, and animations. All of the preferences are provided to players with a unique experience like they are playing real video games.

Online pokies are incredibly fun and easy to play. Therefore, people usually decide to bet on them instead of choosing some other gambling game. Not only that, you will spend some quality time and experience the entertainment, but you will additionally have a chance to win some real money. There are so many tactics that players are choosing when they are playing online pokies. Let’s talk more about the grounded tips that will help you improve your performance whether you are a big or small betting player.

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Always focus on slot machine paylines

All of those players who are thinking that there are not some rules and tips that they can learn and improve their winning chances while playing online pokies are wrong. If a player wants to pay attention and learn more about pay lines, he will have a better insight into the whole game. Basically, pay lines are very important for building spins while you are playing slot machine as well as increasing the amount of money that you can win. Therefore, the more pay lines you get on the screen, the more possible combinations you will get.

When you are thinking about pay lines, the most important question to ask yourself is how much these pay lines are going to cost you and whether you can afford them during the playing. For instance, why would you play a 25-pay line slot machine, when you are only want to play on 5 lines. You need to understand that you can never make a huge profit or win a jackpot if you do not cover all the reels. In general, the only way that will ensure you get a jackpot is by betting the maximum on all possible pay lines.

However, the question is whether you should always bet all the pay lines?

The answer to these common questions is pretty simple. In general, you should bet as much as you can. Therefore, you just need to select the online pokies machine that provides the exact number of pay lines and maximum bet that you can afford. Therefore, if your bankroll is small, you can consider playing a micro-slot. In case your bankroll is just $100 then your spin should be between $0.10 and $0.50 with all pay lines.

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Let’s talk about the value of the coin and the number of coins

It is very important for one player to understand the difference between these two. In fact, there is a huge difference between making four $0.50 coins bets and one single $2.0. Let’s explain why. Even though the cost of these two options is generally the same, they will not produce the same outcome. Online pokies machines will pay you the same money whether you decide to bet 1 or 10 coins.

The crucial thing that changes everything is the multiplies that will increase with the number of coins and not their value. If you bet only one coin, you can expect that the multiplier will be 1x. On the other hand, if you bet two coins, the multiplier will be 2x. Therefore, bet the maximum and then the multiplier will be huge. This means that you can even get a jackpot as the result. You can even obtain the multipliers with the smallest value of the coins, like $0.10. The choice is up to you.

Big or small bets?

If you are playing online pokies, your goal should always be to win the jackpot. Therefore, to achieve this goal, you need to follow these tips. Primarily, you want to stick to the smallest denomination of coins possible compared to your own bankroll. Also, you want to bet the maximum amount of coins. Finally, pay attention to pay lines and select all of them. In case your bankroll gives you a chance to stay in the game for many rounds, you will have a big chance of hitting a lucky streak, some great bonus promotion, and finally the progressive jackpot.

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Play pokies with the highest paylines

Selecting an online pokies slot machine is not a very easy task. You want to look for a machine that will pay more than the other ones. At this point, we are talking about the RTP feature of the slot machine, which is a term known as Return to Player. Basically, this is a percentage that pokies will announce on the information menu. This percentage represents all wagered money that a certain online pokie machine pays back to the player. In general, RTP goes between 92% and 97%.

This means that from all the money wagered on certain pokies 92% of it will return to the player, while the casino will stay with that 8% as a profit. Some third-party companies are checking whether online casinos are providing accurate and real details when it comes to the RTP feature of the machines. When you are playing, your goal is to be a part of the 92% winning. You should always play on the online pokies with the higher RTP. It would be best to choose pokies that are providing 96% or higher RTP.

Pokie Volatility

It is important to mention the risk level of playing some online pokie that volatility measures. It will determine your winning chances. You should know that low volatility pokies give you a chance to win more frequently and the high volatility pokies are give you rare winning, but with higher payouts. If you want to see winning outcomes often, you should choose low volatility pokies and bet small. However, if you are looking for huge winnings, you should select the high volatility pokies.