Do you think children should be required to help with household tasks?


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample Essay:

In the past in America, children were valuable workers. For example, they helped on the arm or in the family business in order to bring in money. Just a couple of generations later, attitudes have changed. Now children are hardly expected to work at all. Modern children often don’t even do chores. This is sad, because I think that they are missing something if they don’t help out at home. Sharing in household tasks benefits children of all ages.

First of all, household tasks build skills. Very young children learn motor skills and classification skills when they pick up their toys and put them away. Talking about how to do things helps them learn to analyze situations. Older children learn skills they’ll need as an adult. Cleaning and cooking may seem dull, but knowing how to do them well makes life a lot easier. How many young adults leave for college unable to do their own laundry or cook anything besides a frozen microwave dinner? It’s amazingly common.

When everyone in a family helps out, the family is happier. Nowadays it’s common for both parents to work . when they come home, they have more work to do. Life is stressful and there’s no time for fun. By sharing household tasks, everyone gains. Children can help their parents with simple tasks such as picking up their own rooms, putting away their own laundry, starting dinner occasionally, or taking care of younger siblings. Then the family can relax together, and parent won’t feel like servants to their “couch potato” offspring.

The most important thing children learn from helping with household tasks is responsibility. Handling everyday tasks teaches organization and time management skills. Children learn that chores have to be completed before they can play, or before they get their allowances. Children who understand that effort pays off will be more successful later in life.

Kids should not work all the time. A happy life needs balance. But if they can successfully handle tasks at home, they will handle life better too. They will know the satisfaction of doing a good job, be involved in family life, and become more confident and responsible adults.