6 Things All Beginners Should Know About Rated Battlegrounds in WoW

Player vs. Player combat is a feature of World of Warcraft that every player will experience at some point. WoW includes a robust PvP system that allows players to battle in most world locations as well as unique instanced areas where they can combat in a more organized manner. RBG is for you if you … Read more

5 Tips on How to Maximize your WoW Leveling Efficiency – 2022 Guide

World of Warcraft is popular for its slow leveling process and difficult combat encounters. We’ve seen several videos of players summoning multiple monsters and then embarking on a ten-minute walk to resurrect. It can be difficult to strike a balance between leveling quickly and surviving. In most situations, players will enter a new zone, collect … Read more

Which World Of Warcraft Dungeon Is Easiest For Beginners

In case you are just entering World of Warcraft we can only imagine how excited you are. There are so many challenges and adventures ahead of you! What you probably already know about this game is that it is one of the most popular of our time, for many different reasons. One of them is … Read more