How Often Should You Re Decorate Your Living Room – 2024 Guide

We have come across a lot of queries where homeowners wanted to know how often they should consider redecorating their living room. So, here we are with another post to give all your answers. Have you been thinking of redecorating your place for quite a while now but not sure if you should do it?

Expert interior designers believe that we should keep bringing changes in our home after every 3-4 years. It is because the design gets out of trend in years and you should keep yourself up to date with all the trending features. However, it does not mean that you necessarily have to make big changes. You can even do small alterations like repainting, adding new wallpaper, etc.

Apart from this specialists also suggest to change the carpet or rug after even 6-8 years because it will stop providing you comfort. Now that you have understood how often you need to bring changes in the interior designing of your living room, we will share some amazing designing tips to help you decorate your living area.


No doubt that every person has a different taste and vision when it comes to home décor. But the tips we have bought are going to suit everyone’s choice. Let us check out how you can bring small but beautiful changes to your living area and make it look like the best place for your home.

Re-design the focal point of your living area:


A focal point is a spot which catches the attention of your visitors whenever they enter your house. That is why it becomes very important to put your efforts especially in this zone. In case that you don’t already have a focal point, then just try creating one with the help of a large fireplace or some oversize mirror. Once you are done deciding the focal point of your living area, it’s time to design the parts all around it.

Playing with textures:

Textures are easily noticeable while enriching a front room, particularly since we don’t see it to such an extent as contact it. Whatsoever, it is essential to give a cozy vibe to your living area and that goes for extravagant surfaces that allure for the touch and harder surfaces that add contrast.

Incorporate calfskin, cotton, fleece, metal, stone, glass, vegetation and however many different surfaces as you can. Cushions are an incredible spot to begin, particularly in case you’re improving a lounge room on a tight spending plan. Look to different frills and decorations to add new materials to the range, even in little portions.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting:


To make a splendid and open lounge room, layer light sources. Regardless of whether you have one principle overhead light, have a go at fusing various styles of light apparatuses, like lights on side tables, emphasize lighting inside shelves, and even candles. One of the most straightforward approaches to add light to your drawing room is by organizing the furniture in such a way that it does not block the light coming from the windows.

Choosing the right fabrics:

Talking about upholstery, it’s particularly significant for lounge area seating to be comfortable as well as solid. What this implies will rely upon your family. You might have infants or little youngsters, pets or not, and they might be chaotic or clean. As a rule, mid-tone textures are the most secure, as extremely light or dull shades will promptly show the wear and soil.

Leather is known as an extraordinary material for keeping away from stains since it tends to be effectively cleaned off when a spill happens. Notwithstanding, it’s typically more handily scratched than most textures, so it may not bear pets also. A leather fabric that as of now has a messed up look can age particularly well.

While picking the fabric for the furniture of your lounge area, search for a material with a mix of regular and engineered textures to get the pragmatic provisions of both, and if conceivable do a twist trial of a texture pattern to ensure the weave shows up close and doesn’t uncover the sponsorship material. A tight weave will be more solid than a free one (which passes on loads of room for soil to stow away), regardless of the material.

Refining your rugs:


Rugs tend to get wear and uncomfortable if they have been bought long back. If your carpet has become old enough and does not provide comfort to you, then you should definitely consider getting a new one. Floor carpets are known to change the vibe of the drawing rooms completely.

While picking up a rug, make sure to choose one that is larger than your seating area. It is because the larger carpet will help your lounge room to look bigger. Pick the rug that has got colors and texture which are suitable for your living area. If the colors or the textures present on it do not match with the vibe of the room, then you will end up wasting your money.

Installing art on the walls:


Lounge area walls wake up when you use them to show craftsmanship or assortments that you love. Gather things for effect, and hang them sufficiently low to identify with adjacent decorations or architecture. The most well-known error in hanging pictures is putting them excessively high.

Take four huge prints and hang them sufficiently low to interface outwardly to the couch. The artistic creation on the nearby wall hangs at standing eye level and identifies with the light in the corner.


Adding small features can provide a different vibe to your lounge room. If you haven’t done anything creative with your living area, then it’s time for you to wake up and design it according to the current trends. Nowadays, it is essential for everyone to keep themselves up to date with the present designing trends. Check out the tips mentioned above to ensure having a beautiful alteration experience.