6 Tips for Renting a Car on a Tight Budget

Renting a car is too common. However, it can sometimes cost you something you cannot afford. You might become a criminal just because you got the wrong car, therefore, do not look for cheaper options but rather go for something and someone who is reliable. Although you can save a lot of money by renting, there is nothing like a free meal in this world.

If something costs you nothing, this means that you are the product. So be careful with the legal requirements and the authenticity of the company. You cannot and should not take any risks with your life. Because if not for any criminal record, a bad car will waste a lot of your money.

But easy it may seem, getting to know an authentic and trustworthy company in a foreign place is not something easy to do. Not only because you are not aware of the surroundings but also because you do not know the language. But the internet has made things easier for us. So here we have a suggestion for you. You can click here to make your reservation easily.

There is no need to go out and look around. Just sit and relax in your home and make your booking. If you need any other information, you can contact them and get what you are looking for.

But other than these factors, there are other things to be careful about. So let’s have a view on them too.

1 – Avoid booking for an airport

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One of the riskiest things that you can do is to make a booking for an airport. When going to a foreign country, you should not let anyone know that you are new there. Moreover, theft cases usually happen with passengers. Others can easily fraud them with fake information just because they are new there.

Apart from the safety feature, the rental fees for foreigners are quite high. Moreover, there are supplemental fees for airports. Therefore, if you are landing at an airport, you should make a booking for a nearer place. You can prevent getting that “customer facility charge” just by this simple trick.

Another thing is your pickup and drop-off location. If you are picking the car from somewhere near the airport and you drop it somewhere far away, you will have to pay an extra fee. So make sure that you do not do that.

2 – Do some comparison

Another important thing that you should do is make comparisons. If you are looking for a rental car service online, it will be quite easier. But if you are doing it through shops, you can do so by getting rates from different shops. There is nothing wrong with it and no one would mind it. So if you are in need of a rental car, you should do some market research before that. So not make a hasty decision.

3 – Packages and service fee

After finalizing the rental service that you want to use, you should do some search about them. Firstly, there are various packages from the cheapest economy to the expensive luxury ones. Some of the packages that you can get at a good rental service provider include;

  1. Economy
  2. Compact
  3. Intermediate
  4. Standard
  5. Full-size
  6. Premium
  7. Luxury
  8. Small SUVs
  9. Large SUV
  10. Extra capacity SUV
  11. Various vans

And some other options too.

So if you are somewhere where there are plenty of options available, you can ask for details. Do not simply rely on your basic knowledge that an SUV would be enough for such and such a number. You should simply ask the service provider about the details and what you want.

For example, if you are just going to get a car for yourself, you can choose a simple one. It should be enough to take you to places where you want to go and carry your luggage. Furthermore, you should also ask about the transmission whether it is standard or automatic.

If you are used to an automatic car, you should choose that one. Just like that, if you are used to a standard car, driving an automatic one would be difficult for you. So make sure to ask for these details beforehand.

4 – Get an insurance

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Even with the rental payments, you can get insurance. If you already have insurance for your car, you can ask for an extension. This extended insurance will work on your rental car too. To do so, you can ask your insurance agent about the policies.

In case you do not have any such policy, you can get a new one. A lot of credit cards offer rental insurance. So if your bank is offering any such service, you can make use of it. There is no need to go and get an expensive policy.

Rental insurance policies provide protection against theft and collisions. Of course, the value will be limited but at least you won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket.

5 – Additional services

Additional services include some roadside assistance. For example, you are in a foreign country and are not well aware of their rules. Consequently, your car gets towed. So you should make sure that the rental agency provides any such roadside assistance or not.

Just like that, you can also get a flat tire on your way. What will you do then? Therefore, you should ask these questions before getting the car. They should offer locksmith and flat tire services. Furthermore, they should also be available for other roadside assistance.

6 – Check your credit cards

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Banks offer a lot of discount offers and other options. For example, you can get elite status at the standard rate with your credit card. So if you can get any such offer, avail it. You do not have to pay a higher price for the same elite services.