LearningExpress’s TOEFL Exam Success in Only 6 Steps

TOEFL Exam Success in Only 6 Steps (Skill Builders Learningexpress) by Elizabeth Chesla  [Test of English as a Foreign Language]

Need to take the TOEFL exam? You are not alone. Over 800.000 students take the Test of English as a Foreign Language™ each year. More than 2,000 universities and programs in the United States and Canada use the TOEFL exam to evaluate the English proficiency of applicants who are not native speakers of English. The reason for this is simple: Academic institutions want to be sure that these applicants can read, write, and comprehend spoken English so that they can succeed in the college classroom.

TOEFL Exam Success in Only 6 Step
TOEFL Exam Success in Only 6 Step

About the Author

Elizabeth Chesla is a lecturer in English at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York, where she coordinates the Technical & Professional Communication Program. She is the author of several books and study guides, including Write Better Essays, Reading Comprehension Success, Improve Your Writing for Work, and Read Better, Remember More. In addition, she is a content developer for LearnATest.com.

► What This Book Is—And Isn’t

Because your score on the TOEFL exam can determine whether or not you arc accepted into an academic institution or program, it is important to prepare carefully for the exam. As you have probably noticed, there are dozens of TOEFL exam preparation books available in libraries and bookstores. Most of these books provide you with practice TOEFL exams to help you become familiar with the format of the test. But taking practice TOEFL exams will do little to boost your score if what you really need is to improve your basic
English skills.
That’s exactly how this book can help you. The goal of LearningExpress®’s TOEFL® Exam Success is fourfold:
1. To explain the format of each section of the TOEFL exam.
2. To offer specific test-taking strategies that you can use on the exam.
3. To review the basic reading, writing, and listening skills you need to do well on each section.
4. To provide exercises that help you build the basic skills and practice the test-taking strategies you learn
in each section.

Building your English reading, writing, and listening skills is important, of course. But before addressing these specific skill sets, this book takes you through a review of basic study skills and learning strategies. It also helps you prepare a detailed study plan. The stronger your study skills, and the better you understand learning strategies, the more you will get out of each skill-building chapter.
Each skill-building chapter of this book includes several practice exercises, and detailed answers and explanations are provided in Appendix A. Appendix B offers an extensive list of resources to help you further strengthen your basic skills. Chapter 6 provides general information about the TOEFL exam, including notes about registration and scoring.


CHAPTER 1: How to Prepare for the TOEFL® Exam
CHAPTER 2: Reading Comprehension Skills
CHAPTER 3: Structure: Grammar and Style
CHAPTER A: Listening Comprehension
CHAPTER 5: Writing
CHAPTER 6: Notes on the TOEFL® Exam: Registration, the Computer-Based Test, Scores, and Tips for Test Day
APPENDIX A: Answers and Explanations
APPENDIX B: Additional Resources


Though each chapter of this book is an effective skill-builder on its own, you will get the most out of this book by beginning with Chapter 1 and working through each chapter. Some of the later chapters refer to ideas and information discussed in earlier parts of the book, so you may find it most Effective to tackle Chapters 2-5 in order (you can read Chapter 6 separately at any time). However you proceed, read carefully, take good notes, and use your time wisely. Remember that you arc already on your way to success on the TOEFL exam.

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