3 Ways Big Tech Companies Are Handling Remote Work

Even though the situation with the pandemic is getting under control due to mass vaccination, we can see that a lot of people are still working from their homes. A lot of them got used to working from home since there are many benefits included.

On the other side, companies are also facing some advantages from that model. However, the companies must use modern solutions related to digitalization if they want to completely switch to this model.

You can visit digital-business.blog to learn more about digitalization, automation, and other services required for operating with remote workers. Also, we are going to present to you the most important methods that big tech companies are using in the management of remote workers.

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1. Communication

This is the most important part that will secure the effectiveness of remote workers. While there are many people who claim that people who work in the office are more productive, the tech industry does not require people to be present in the office since they can work from home in the same way.

However, it is crucial to establish a quality connection between the managers and workers and secure a proper workflow. Big companies are using video calls and monitoring software to track the activities of remote workers.

2. Monitoring

Another important instance is related to monitoring and evaluation of people who are working for the company. The best option is to use proper monitoring software. There are many solutions available today, and some of the best are Hubstaff, Email Analytics, Harvest, and more.

These programs will track the activities of workers, and you can save the reports to check what they were doing during the shift. The main advantage is that you can use it to measure and evaluate workers according to their engagement. You will be able to see screenshots of their screens and overall activity. When it comes to tech companies, they will either require determined hours of work, or more flexible model with deadlines.

img source: pexels.com

3. Focus on Training

In case that some of the people who are working for the company are not familiar with certain tools or the platforms you are using to communicate and exchange information, it is necessary to introduce the platform in the right way and help people to learn how to use it properly.

The best option is a training session where they can learn about every detail related to the interface and features. The great thing is that you can organize an online training session over Zoom or Skype. Making group video calls with the remote workers is also a great way to stay in touch with them and exchange valuable information.


It is a trend that many big companies, especially those in the tech industry, are now changing the traditional model and focus on remote working. The main benefit is that they can save a lot of money since they don’t need large facilities anymore. We can expect that this trend will be even more popular in the future.