What Subjects to Choose?


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is more important to choose the subjects that you are interested in than the subjects you need to prepare for a job or a career.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


My best friend always says, “Take classes you will need for the future.” I disagree with her advice. Instead, it is better to study subjects you are interested in than ones you might need for a job or career.

The first reason is that you can learn better and faster when you study what interests you. It is a well-known fact that people tend to get more motivated to learn and thus more easily concentrate on something they are interested in. For example, I once studied art and learned a lot because I loved the class. I was eager to learn more, and sometimes I even spent several hours painting a picture by myself. That made me a good painter. On the contrary, I hate math. Even though I know I have to take my math class since I am considering becoming an accountant, the class is so boring that I learn little. Objectively, the math class could possibly help my career, not the art class. Yet I have no
interest in the math class while I found the art class fascinating.

A second reason is that you can always get job training later. Unless you will be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, you need no special training at school. Companies will teach you the skills you need after hiring you. Therefore, it is totally possible—and advisable—to major in a subject you like and then find a job unconnected to your major. For example, my father majored in philosophy in college but is a businessman now. He said he has never used the knowledge he learned in his major at work; however, he has no regrets. He wanted to major in philosophy, so that is what he did.

In conclusion, it is ideal for students to take the classes they like instead of those designed to help their careers. They can learn better what they are interested in and can learn their job duties later. Therefore, students should study what subject they are interested in to make their school lives more enjoyable.

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