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AFLAC DuckAFLAC Duck - The persistent white spokes-bird for the AFLAC Insurance Company that appeared in a series of humorous commercials debuting in January 2000. The AFLAC duck's trademark catchphrase is "AFLAC!" The nameless bird's mission is to remind people of the company's name.

In one commercial, the duck wanders into the bedroom of two people contemplating starting a family and ends up in between the couple with its orange-webbed feet protruding from under the covers.

In another spot, the bird pursues an airline passenger and appears outside of the plane's window shouting "AFLAC!" as a passengers looks out the tiny portal.

In these two cases and additional spots, after the duck screams "AFLAC!" the narrator says, "AFLAC. Without it, no insurance is complete."

The AFLAC duck (voice provided by comedian Gilbert Gottfried) is the corporate advertising symbol for the AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF COLUMBUS (AFLAC), a leading provider of supplemental insurance sold at the worksite in the United States and the largest foreign insurer in Japan.

Insuring more than 40 million people worldwide, AFLAC is the principal subsidiary of AFLAC Incorporated, an international holding company based in Georgia.

Fortune magazine named AFLAC to its list of "The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America" for the third consecutive year in January 2001.

The AFLAC TV campaign was created by the Kaplan Thaler Group of New York while the duck used in the spots was designed by the Stan Winston Studio, a California special effects firm.


TRIVIA NOTE: In March of 2011, Gilbert Gotfried was fired as the voice of the AFLAC duck after making what some considered ill-advised jokes about the earthquake/Tsunami disaster in Japan. Soon after AFLAC ran a commercial mascot in a silent movie (a re-edit of a 2006 ad) where the duck gets hit by the train. The last frame of the "damsel tied to a railroad track" inspired ad spot reads: "Be the next voice. Go to Aflac duck on Facebook."

In April of 2011 AFLAC announced their new voice was Dan McKeague of Hugo, Minnesota, a clean-cut 36-year-old father of three. He beat out some 12,500 applicants for the job. The first new commercial featured a 30-second spot as the AFLAC duck breakdanced in competition with a pigeon.

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