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Qantas Airlines Koala NascotsQantas Koala - "I hate Qantas!" was the popular catchphrase delivered by a cute, furry little Koala bear who was the spokes-bear for the Qantas Airlines. The original commercials featured a koala bear sitting amidst the branches of a Eucalyptus tree where the bear could be heard whining about the increased tourist trade coming via Qantas to disturb the solitude of the Australian Continent.

The advertisements, first filmed at the San Diego Zoo and later in Australia, depicted the Koala sitting in a director's chair sporting a hip pair of sunglasses and flying in a first class seat of a Qantas Jetliner.

The campaign was created in 1967 by Cunningham & Walsh Agency and filmed by Lee Lacy & Associates.

TRIVIA NOTE: In recent years, Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan has become the commercial spokesperson for the land down under. He jokingly remarked: "American's love to come to Australia but hate to leave. That's why we hire men with big clubs to beat them back onto the airplanes." Two phrases made popular through his advertisements have been "Good Day, Mate" and "Put another shrimp on the bar-bee." The corporate logo for the Qantas Airlines is now a stylized silhouette of a hopping kangaroo.

Qantas Airlines Corporate Logo

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