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Click for Willie the Kool PenguinWillie the Kool Penguin - Mascot of the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company introduced in the early 1930s to portray their Kool Cigarettes unique menthol taste. Willie appeared in print ads and on radio throughout the 1940s and debuted on television in 1954, cooing "KOOL!" Each of the Kool cigarettes displayed a picture of Willie the Penguin. Willie's wife is named Millie. The Kool ad campaign was created by the Ted Bates Advertising Agency..

Transcript from a 1950s Kool Commercial

Announcer: Switch from hot to Snow Fresh Filter Kool.
  As cool and as clean as a breathe of fresh air
  That's Snow Fresh Filter Kool
  Your mouth feels clean, your throat refreshed. The finest leaf tobacco, mild refreshing menthol and the world's most thoroughly tested filter.
  That's Snow Fresh Filter Kool.
  Why don't you switch from hot to the snow fresh coolness of Kool.
  As cool and as clean as a breathe of fresh air.
  America's most refreshing cigarette.
  Snow Fresh Filter Kool.


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