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BUCHANNON, Mitch Lt. & son, Toby
( 208 LINCOLN [Beach Truck Radio]
Los Angeles, CA (Malibu Beaches)

(Mad About You)
196 West 93rd Street
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Ira works at his uncle Burt Buchman's sporting good store [Buchman‘s Sporting Goods store #867 Broadway].

BUCHMAN, Paul & wife, Jamie
(Mad About You)
Apartment 11-D
51 Fifth Avenue
[or No. 5 East 12th Street]
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Jamie lived in an apartment at 142 West 81st Street before moving in with Paul. When Paul and Jamie decided to move in together on Valentine's Day, 1991, Paul sublet his apartment at 129 West 81st Street [Apt. 5B] to Cosmo Kramer from the series Seinfeld. Paul and Jamie's slanty-floored apartment is located two blocks from Greenwich Village near subway stations at W 4th St and 14th St.

(Mad About You)
c/o Ira Buchman, Proprietor
867 Broadway (near Eighth Avenue)
New York, NY

BUCKET, Hyacinth & husband, Richard
(Keeping Up Appearances)
Blossom Avenue
Hyacinth insists on pronouncing her husband's last name as "Boo-Kay" instead of its real sound of "Buck-it"

(Law of the Plainsman)
Santa Fe, NM (late 1800s)

c/o Diana Smythe, Fashion Illustrator
37 West 34th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

BUCKMAN, Gil & wife, Karen
8415 Mullin Street
Los Angeles, CA
The Buckman's live with children Kevin, Taylor & Justin.

BUELL, Roger & wife, Kaye
(The Mothers-in-Law)
1803 Ridgewood Drive
Hollywood, CA

(Buffalo Bill, Jr.)
Wileyville, USA (late 1800s)
Buffalo Bill, Jr. is an orphan and later marshal of Wileyville. He lives with his younger sister Calamity in the town of Wileyville under the guardian ship of Judge Ben Wiley, the founder of the town.

BUFFAY, Phoebe
New York City, NY (Greenwich Village)
Phoebe used to live with Monica Geller but moved to her own apartment because Monica was a neat freak. Phoebe now lives 20 blocks from Monica.

BUMSTEAD, Dagwood & wife, Blondie
4227 Shady Lane
Anytown, USA
Dagwood shares their home with children Alexander, Cookie and their dog Daisy [and her pups].

BUNDY, Al & wife, Peggy
(Married...with Children)
( 555-2878
9674 [or 9764] Jeopardy Lane
Chicago, IL The Bundy's live with and their children son, Bud "Budrick" Franklin and daughter, Kelly and a dog named Buck. NOTE: The house seen as the Bundy residence is reportedly located on Castlewood Lane, south of Deerfield Road in the real suburb of Deerfield, Illinois.

BUNKER, Archibald "Archie" & wife, Edith
(All in the Family)
704 Hauser Street Queens
New York, NY (Corona Section)
Their grown daughter, Gloria marries and moves back home with her new husband, Michael "Meathead" Stivic while he attends college. Mike is a liberal and Archie is a dyed in the wool conservative, thus they argued about everything.

(The Adventures of Superboy)
c/o Clark Kent
6th Floor
101 North Siegel Street
Capitol City, FL

(Mr. Terrific)
( National 8-0397
c/o Benton J. Reed
Washington, D.C.

(Circus Boy)
Southwest, USA (Early 1900s)
The Burke & Walsh Circus is a traveling band of entertainers lead by Big Tim Champion. Circus performers included Corky, a 12-year-old orphan [his parents were killed in a high-wire act]; Joey the Clown; and Pete, one of the circus' roustabouts.

BURKE, Professor Kevin
(Two of a Kind)
238 Belmont Street
Chicago, IL
(across from Wrigley Field)

BURKE, Captain Amos
(Burke's Law)
( Madison 6-7399 [Office Phone]
109 North Milbourne
Los Angeles, CA
Henry is his chauffeur.

BURKE, Hazel
c/o The Baxter Family
123 Marshall Road
[and 325 Sycamore]
Hydesberg, NY
Hazel later moves to 325 Sycamore Street to be maid for Steve Baxter and his family when George is transferred overseas.

BURKE, Stoney
(Stoney Burke)
Southwest, USA
His compatriots included Cody Bristol, E.J. Stacker, Ves Painter and Red.

(The Saga of Andy Burnette)
Sierra Nevadas (1830s)

(Nine To Five)
West 48th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

(Many Happy Returns)
50 Chestnut Street
Los Angeles, CA
Walter lives with daughter Joan, her husband Bob and his granddaughter, Laurie.

BURNS, Charles Montgomery
(The Simpsons)
( 555-0001 or 5246
c/o Burns Manor
Corner of Croesus & Mammon
Springfield, USA

BURNS, Dr. Frank Marion
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Tent #6 [a.k.a “The Swamp”]
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)

BURNS, George & wife, Gracie Allen
(George Burns/Gracie Allen Show)
312 Maple Street
Beverly Hills, California
Their New York-based episodes were set at Suite 2216, St. Moritz Hotel, New York City, NY. Their radio address was 202 Cannon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. Their real home at 720 N. Maple Drive was used as the facade of their TV home on "The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show."

BURNS, George
(Wendy & Me)
Apartment #104
Sunset de Ville Complex
4820 Highland
Los Angeles, CA
His favorite tenants are Wendy & Jeff Conway in Apartment 217.

c/o The Sunshine Cab Company
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

BURTON, Eileen
(It's Your Move)
Apartment 407
46 Wilshire Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA
She lives with her children Julie & Matt.

BURTON, John & wife, Sally
(The Girl With Something Extra)
10 Havilland Drive
Los Angeles, CA

BUTCHER, Ricky & Bianca
No. 47 Albert Square (Top Flat)
Walford E20, London (East End)

(California Fever)
5832 Beachwood Avenue
Sunset Beach, CA

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 (Ninth Floor)
Flem [Flimm] Building
Cincinnati, OH
His real name is Gordon Simms.

BUTTONS (the chimp) See - REYNOLDS, Mike & wife, Liz

(The Drew Carey Show)
720 Sedgwick
Cleveland, OH
Buzz Beer is a small garage-based microbrewery run by Drew Carey and his close friends Oswald Harvey, Lewis Kiniski and Kate O'Brien.


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