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COBB, Christopher
New South Wales, Australia (in the 1850s)
Christopher is an American who with the help of his sidekick, Dan, established the first stagecoach-line across the rugged Australian continent during the 1850s.

COBB, Frank & wife, Annie Pfeiffer
(Blue Skies)
831 Overton Road
Eagle Falls, Oregon
Frank is a sawmill operator. He lives with his two children Sarah and Charley and Zoe, his new wife's daughter.

COBB, Richard "Dicky"
(Reasonable Doubts)
Apartment #2
703 Beckman Place
Chicago, IL
Richard is a cop. He shares his home with a dog named John.

COBBLEPOT, Oswald Chesterfield
Gotham City, USA
Oswald is a criminal. He operates under the alter ego of "The Penguin," a notorious purveyor of perfidy who sports a tuxedo, top hat, monocle, umbrella and smokes a cigarette.

( 511-555-3030
c/o Quentin Avery, Chairman
Bay City, California
Cobra is a private organization that assists people in need. Employees include ex-Navy SEAL Robert "Scandal" Jackson, his partner Danielle LaPointe, and their supervisor Dallas Cassel.

(Broken Arrow)
Chiricahua Reservation
Arizona Territory (late 1800s)
Cochise is the Chief of the Chiricahua Apache. He works with US Government Indian agent Tom Jeffords to maintain peace between his people and the white settlers.


COCHRANE, Fay Evelyn
205 Elm Street.
Nantucket Island, MA
Fay is an airline receptionist for Sandpiper Air at Tom Nevers Field.

CODY, Jack
(Ask Harriet)
c/o "Ask Harriet"
The Dispatch Newspaper
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jack is a sportswriter. He’s divorced, a womanizer, smokes-cigars and writes "A Man’s World" column for The Dispatch. When Jack loses his job, he reluctantly takes an assignment to pen the advice-to-the-lovelorn column "Ask Harriet." Writing the column from home, Jack uses his special insights into women ["Who know more about unhappy women than me?"] and turns the column into the hottest thing in town. Unfortunately, with success comes complications because now the readers as well as the editor at the Dispatch wanted to meet the real Harriet. To hide his masculinity, Jack dressed in women’s clothing and assumed the alter ego of Sylvia Coco. Marshall "Old Man" Russell, the paper‘s owner took a fancy to Sylvia and so Jack was forced to live the life of a drag queen to keep his job.

COFFEE, Dr. Daniel
(Diagnosis: Unknown)
New York City, NY
Daniel is the chief pathologist and forensic expert at a large metropolitan hospital. His assistants are Dr. Motilal Mookerji, a visiting physician from India; Doris Hudson, a lab assistant; and Link, who cleans up the laboratory. When Daniel consults with the police on a case his liaison is Det. Captain Max Ritter.

(Maybe This Time)
State of Pennsylvania
The Coffee Dog Cafe has been owned for 30 years by Shirley Sullivan [who has been married five times]. The cafe’s motto reads: "Fresh and Friendly from Six till Six." Shirley’s support staff included Julie Wallace, her recently divorced 35-year-old daughter and mother of an 11-year-old Gracie who often visits the cafe; and Logan McDunna, the cafe’s Scottish cook. Kay Ohara, a plump pawnshop owner from down the street, is a frequent visitor and customer to the cafe. She loves to sample their coffee and freshly baked muffins.

(Ned & Stacey)
Apartment 27F [later 17D]
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Stacey is Jewish-American journalist who decides to participates in a sham marriage so that an ambitious ad executive (Ned Dorsey) can rise the corporate ladder (married men get promoted). The payoff for Stacey: she gets a nicer apartment and she pacifies her parents who bug her about being single. Over time, however, Ned & Stacey (despite some very large arguments & disagreements) begin to really fall in love. Eventually, however, Ned and Stacey arrange to be divorced and Ned becomes a partner in Amanda’s Amuffin Shop.

COLBY, Jason & wife, Sable Scott
(The Colbys)
Belvedere Estate
Los Angeles, CA
Jason is the head of Colby Enterprises, a multi-national conglomerate with interests in oil, shipping, and real estate. The exterior shot used as the Colby Mansion is actually located on 1060 Brooklawn Drive in Los Angeles. It was owned by Barron Hilton, the CEO of the Hilton Hotels.

COLE, Jack Martin
(Sword of Justice)
Apartment 6F
636 Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jack is a wealthy playboy by day and a crime fighter by night. His sidekick is ex-con Hector Ramirez.

COLEMAN, Ben & Laura Kelly
(Duet/Open House)
981 Fairfax Street
Los Angeles, CA
Ben is a writer. He is the author of the mystery novel Death In The Fast Lane. This best selling novel recounted the adventures of detective Zack Murdock. When not writing novels, Ben penned a "True Stories" column for The Daily Banner newspaper. Ben lives with his girlfriend Laura Kelly, a caterer and his dog Reuben. Ben and Laura later marry then soon after get divorced. Note: On the spin-off series Open House Laura divorces Ben and takes a job with Juan Verde Real Estate.

COLLINS, Barnabas
(Dark Shadows)
Collinwood Mansion
Collinsport, Maine
Barnabas is a 200-year-old vampire. He was cursed by the evil witch Angelique when he spurned her advances of love. Barnabas is resurrected 200 years later only to wander the lonely future pining over the lose of his love Josette. See also - "Collinwood Mansion"

COLLINS, Bill & wife, Ellie
(The Bing Crosby Show)
168 Valley Tree Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Bill is a former singer turned electrical engineer. He and his wife share a home with their two daughters, Janice and Joyce and Willy Walters, the live-in handyman.

(Love That Bob)
804 Grummond Road
Los Angeles, CA
Bob is a girl-crazy bachelor photographer. He shares his home with his widowed sister, Margaret & her teenage son, Charles "Chuck" MacDonald. Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz is Bob's devoted gal Friday.

COLLINS, Peter & ex-wife, Michelle
(Malibu, Ca)
11721 Malibu Road
Malibu, CA
Peter is a restaurateur. He owns a seafood restaurant named the Lighthouse and a beach side café called the Surf Shack. Peter's family included his two teenage sons Scott [an Olympic swimming team hopeful] and Jason [an aspiring musician] who work at the Lighthouse; and Michelle, Peter's ex-wife who moved to Peru and left her New Yorker sons in Peter's custody.

COLLINS, Samantha "Sam"
(I Had Three Wives)
Roxbury Apartment Complex
Los Angeles, CA
Sam is an actress, master of disguise and martial arts expert. She is one of three women formerly married to private investigator, Jackson Beaudine who occasionally asks for Sam's assistance.

(Dark Shadows)
c/o Barnabas Collins
Collinsport, Maine
The eerie haunted Collinwood mansion is located near the coast of Maine. Its primary inhabitant is Barnabas Collins, a 200-year-old vampire. NOTE: The exterior shots of Collinwood were based on actual photos of the Lyndhurst Mansion, a forbidding, gothic structure located in Tarrytown, New York. Interior shots were photographed in a Manhattan studio. The mansion was also featured in the 1970 movie House of Dark Shadows. On the revival 1991 ABC series Dark Shadows, most of the new series was shot at Greystone Mansion, a 55-room home built in 1927-28 by oil baron Edward Doheny (now owned by the City of Beverly Hills) located at 905 Loma Vista Drive, north of Sunset Boulevard.


COLT, Christopher
(Colt .45)
Old West (late 1800s)
Christopher is an undercover agent and gun salesman who tracked down wanted felons for the government. His cousin Sam Colt, Jr. replaced him in later episodes. Note: The Colt .45 gun was a prominently featured on the series. Colt.45's purchased from Chris Colt (for $20) took six month to arrive.

COLTON, William
(The Loner)
Old West (late 1800s)
Colton is an ex-Union cavalry officer. In the years following the Civil war, he wandered the Old West in search of adventure.

(The Dukes of Hazzard)
Hazzard County, GA
Rosco is the Sheriff of Hazzard County. He is dimwitted and the toady of corrupt businessman "Boss" J. D. Hogg, his brother-in-law. Rosco’s main mission is life is to catch the Duke boys, Bo and Luke and arrest them on mostly trumped up charges. Rosco chased the Dukes around Hazzard County in his patrol car accompanied by the his dog, Flash, a sleepy-eyed Bassett hound [Flash hates "Boss Hogg]. Rosco’s deputies included Enos Strate, an gullible, honest cop and Cleetus Hogg, the Boss’s blundering cousin [he’s got 1/8th Hogg blood]. When "Boss Hogg died in February 1994, Rosco inherited Hogg’s criminal empire. Sheriff Coltrane’s catchphrases included "Good news, good news"; "I love it, I love it!" "Oh, tiddly-tuddly!"; "Say hello from Rosco!"; and "Shame, shame, everybody knows your name."

COLUMBO, Det. & wife, Kate
(Columbo/Mrs. Columbo)
728 Valley Lane
( 555-9867 or 9861
San Fernando Valley, CA
Columbo is a homicide detective [Badge #436], He is compulsive about tying up loose ends. This penchant allowed him to alway catch the appropriate murderer. His wife, Kate, a.k.a. "the missus" is a homemaker but works as a reporter for the Valley Advocate, a weekly newspaper. Their seven-year-old daughter is Jenny. Their family pet is a basset hound named Dog.

Los Angeles, CA
The Committee is a secret society. Its membership is like a family with a number of intergenerational members. Its mission is "the unrestricted pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of Man-alternative solutions to social problems." Each member wears a ring that sports The Committee's seal [a cruciform series of concentric circles surrounded by a motto that reads (in code) "Enter the Labyrinth." When The Committee discovered a young woman named Sydney Bloom had the ability to mind-leap through computer data lines into the sub-conscious of a person on the other end of the telephone line [using VR.5 Virtual Sensual Realty], they recruited Dr. Frank Morgan to force her to work with them on a variety of projects.

(Diagnosis Murder)
c/o Norman Briggs, Administrator
Los Angeles, CA
The staff on duty included Dr. Mark Sloan, the chief of internal medicine with a penchant for solving crimes; Dr. Jack Stewart, a young resident [a prodigy of Dr. Sloan‘s]; Amanda Bentley Livingston, a pathologist [she later became a medical examiner for the L. A. P. D.]; ER resident Dr. Jesse Travis [he replaced Jack who finished his residency and moved to Vail, Colorado]; Nurse Delores Mitchell ; Dr. Madison Wesley; Dr. Jack Parker; and med student Alex Martin.

CONEHEAD, Fred & wife, Joyce
(Saturday Night Live)
213 Pineway Avenue
Parkwood Heights, near NY City
Fred & Joyce Conehead are aliens from the planet Remulak living incognito on Earth. Known as Beldar and Prymaat on Remulak, parental units Fred and Joyce are now parents of a teenage unit named Conjaab , a.k.a. "Connie." Originally, Beldar & Prymaat were dispatched to the planet Earth by Remulak's High Master to seize all major centers of radio and television communications and inform the earthlings of their intent to take over the planet. Unfortunately, Beldar accidentally crash-landed their anti-gravity powered space ship into Lake Michigan. Trapped on Earth, because their planet had just cut back on funding to their space program, they adopted the guise of Fred & Joyce Conehead. Beldar supported his family by taking a job as an insurance salesman and later as a driving instructor. Their daughter Connie, who knew her parents were a bit different, never suspected that they were from outer space. She had a hard time in school with inquisitive kids, however. "They want to know where I come from, Daddy? Where do we come from?" She was instructed "France! Just keep telling them you come from France!"

(Me & Mrs. C)
( 555-1311 [or 555-3313]
2709 Webb Street
Anytown, USA
Ethel is a widow. To help pay expenses, she took in a boarder named Gerri, recently released from prison.

CONNER, Dan & wife, Roseanne
714 Delaware Street [near Third Street]
Lanford, IL
Dan is a construction worker. He lives with his outspoken wife, Roseanne [née Harris], and their children Becky [age 13], Darlene [age 11] and son, David Jacob a.k.a. "DJ" [age 6] and later a new baby Jerry Garcia Conner [born 10/31/95]. Roseanne's sister and best friend Jackie Harris, visits so often she might as well live there. Note: The Conner home is located somewhere between Chicago and Rockford, Illinois.

(One Day At a Time)
( 555-7974
c/o Ann Romano, Executive
Indianapolis, IN

(The Barbary Coast)
c/o The Golden Gate Casino
San Francisco, CA (in the 1870s)
Cash is the flamboyant owner of The Golden Gate Casino, on the Barbary Coast. Originally from Louisiana, Cash fled the South after killing the governor’s son in a duel [Cash accused the man of cheating], traveled to California, and fortunately, won the Golden Gate Casino in a card game. When Jeff Cable, an undercover agent for the governor’s office discovered Cash was wanted for murder, he struck an uneasy alliance to let Cable use a secret room in the casino as a base of operations for catching criminals.

(King of Diamonds)
c/o John King, Security Chief
West 47th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

c/o Hamilton Majors. Jr., President
36 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Company employees are Arnie Nuvo, Head of Product Improvement; Felicia Farfas, Arnie's secretary; and Neil Ogilvie, the plant manager.

(Get Smart)
( 266-8765
c/o The Chief, a.k.a. "Thaddeus"
123 Main Street
Washington, D.C.
Control is a secret organization. Its top operatives are Maxwell Smart [Agent 86] and Agent 99. According to their top agent Maxwell Smart, CONTROL is "a master spy organization in Washington, DC, operated by the forces of good in the Free World to combat the forces of evil and totalitarianism. He further added "We have to shoot and kill and destroy. We represent everything that's wholesome and good in the world." NOTE: Control’s phone number is also given as (628-3097, 547-2791, 555-6213, 555-3743 and 555-9417. The ABC movie Get Smart Again! introduced "The Hall of Hush," a room insulated with noise mufflers that converted the spoken word into printed words that floated in the air.

(The Flying Nun)
c/o Reverend Mother Plaseato
Town of San Tanco [pop. 3,956]
San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Convent was built in 1572 on hilltop land granted by King Philip of Spain. The Sisters of San Tanco include Sister Jacqueline, Sister Ana, Sister Sixto and Sister Bertrill [whose aerodynamic coronet lifts the petite nun off the ground when the trade winds blow].

CONWAY, Hal & wife, Maggie
(Mad About You)
Apt. 11-C
51 Fifth Avenue
[or No. 5 East 12th Street]
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Hal is a professor at Columbia University. Maggie is a homemaker. She is allergic to all flowers and is the proud owner of Sophie, a Cairn Terrier show dog. The Conways arrived in New York 1n 1991 from Cambridge, England in 1991 and since then have been constantly at odds with Paul and Jamie Buchman, their neighbors across the hall in 11-D. The Conways turned out to be British spies and were later arrested and deported.

CONWAY, Jeff & Wendy
(Wendy & Me)
Apartment #217
Sunset de Ville Complex
4820 Highland
Los Angeles, CA
Wendy & Jeff Conway work for Trans Globe Airlines.

Chicago, IL
Physician’s on duty are chief resident Dr. Mark Greene; pediatric attending physician Dr. Douglas Ross (who later moved to the Pacific Northwest); Dr. Susan Lewis (who later moved to Phoenix); resident surgeon Dr. Peter Benton; resident Dr. John Truman Carter III; Dr. David Morgenstern, Chief of Emergency Services (who later resigns); Dr. William "Wild Willie" Swift; pediatric surgeon Dr. Abby Keaton (now working in Pakistan); Dr. John Taglieri; Dr. Deb Chen; third-year medical student Harper Tracy; Dr. Angela Hicks; attending physician Kerry Weaver (who replaced Dr. Greene when he got promoted); Pedes anesthesiologist Dr. Alexander Babcock; pediatrician & ER resident Dr. Anna Del Amico (who later resigns); surgical resident/intern Dr. Elizabeth Corday; third-year medical student Lucy Knight (deranged patient kills her with knife); Physician Assistant Jeanie Boulet (who contracts AIDS); resident Dr. Maggie Doyle; Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Donald Anspaugh; Head of Pediatrics Dr. Neal Bernstein; OB/GYN attending Dr. Janet Coburn; Surgeon Dr. Simon; surgical resident Dr. Leung Joo Hua; Mary Cain, Head of hospital re-engineering committee; Dr. Ellis West; Dr. William Swift; psychiatric consultant Dr. Nina Pomerantz; surgical intern Dr. Dennis Gant (later killed by train); psychiatrist Dr. Div Cvetic; Dr. Abby [née Weizinsky] Lockhart and surgical resident Dr. Sara Langworthy. Other support staff on hand are Head Nurse Carol Hathaway (who also runs a free-clinic); Nurse Lydia Wright; Nurse Connie Oligario; Nurse Haleh Adams; Nurse Wendy Goldman; Nurse Chuny Marquez; Nurse Lily Jarvik; Nurse Malik McGrath; Nurse Yosh Takata; Free Clinic Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans; Surgical Nurse Kit; Surgical Nurse Shirley; Hospital labor rep Drummond; Surgery Floor Nurse Bjerke; Administrations Desk Clerk Randi Fronczak; Administrations Desk Clerk Cynthia Hooper; and Jerry Markovic, Emergency Services Coordinator, a.k.a. Administrations Desk Clerk. Note: The hospital exterior used on the show is actually the University of Illinois Hospital (part of the University of Illinois Medical School) located at 1720 W. Taylor Street about a half-mile from the real Cook County Hospital. A similarly named facility the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Hospital is eight blocks to the east.

(Chicago Story)
Chicago, IL
Physician on duty are Dr. Judith Bergstrom and Dr. Max Carson.

c/o Captain Edward Parmalee
Texas Ranger Headquarters
Laredo, TX (late 1800s)
Chad is one of three Texas rangers stationed in the town of Laredo. His fellow officers included Reese Bennett, Joe Riley and latecomer rookie ranger Erik Hunter. They all reported to Captain Edward Parmalee.

COOPER, Charlotte & son, Mark
(The Tortellis)
6531 Veronna Street
Las Vegas, NV.
Charlotte shares a home with her sister, Loretta, her husband, Nick Tortelli; his son, Anthony and his wife, Annie. Nick sets up a TV repair shop "Tortelli's TV Hospital" in the garage [? 555-4768].

COOPER, Dale Bartholomew
(Twin Peaks)
Pacific Northwest
Town of Twin Peaks
Dale ["D.B."] Cooper is an FBI agent. He was sent to Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of local girl named Laura Palmer. Agent Cooper collected all his thoughts on his investigation on a tape recorder. As he dictated his notes he addressed his often mentioned but never seen secretary Diane and recorded such musings as "There's a hint of Douglas fir needles in the air" and "Diane, its 6:18 AM...I'm holding in my hands a small box of chocolate bunnies..."

COOPER, George & Elizabeth
(My Favorite Husband)
1561 Briar Street
Westwood, CA
George is bank executive.

(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper)
653 Hamilton Street
Oakland, CA
Mark is a substitute teacher. He is single, African-American and a former NBA wanna-be. Mark used to play basketball at Oakridge High School where he now teaches driver’s education, history and science. Mark shares his house with two female friends Vanessa Russell, and Robin Dumars [later replaced by Geneva and her little daughter Nicole] to cut down on expenses. Note: The show's house exterior is the same home facade used by the Seaver family on the sitcom Growing Pains.

CORBETT, Tom & son, Eddie
(Courtship of Eddie's Father)
( 835-2239
Apartment C
146 South Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Tom is a widower and editor of Tomorrow Magazine, a newspaper magazine supplement. Mrs. Livingston, a Japanese housekeeper, cares for Tom's young son, Eddie.

Fort Scott, NM (1870s)
Cord (just "Cord") is a fast gun-for-hire. He's actually posing as gunfighter while on undercover assignment for the US Cavalry. He reports to Captain Zachary Wingate at Fort Scott. Cord's acquaintances included Sergeant Major Murdock; Amber "Amby" Hollister; Pico McGuire; and Billy Urchin.

CORD, Ethan Allen
(Paradise / Guns of Paradise)
Paradise, CA (in the 1890s)
Ethan is a gunfighter living in the rowdy mining town of Paradise, California. One day the four children of his sister, Lucy Carroll, [a St. Louis entertainer on her deathbed] arrive on his doorsteps. Now burdened with an with an instant family, Ethan hangs up his guns and begins life as a rancher to provide a good life for his new family [Claire, Joseph, Ben and George Carroll]. When Ethan kills the corrupt town marshal, he becomes the new marshal.

CORDAY, Dr. Elizabeth
c/o Cook County Hospital
Chicago, IL
Dr. Elizabeth Corday is a spirited surgeon from England working in the emergency room at Cook County General Hospital. She is charming, witty and a dedicated physician. Elizabeth was romantically involved with Dr. Peter Benton, an African-American coworker and then later with Dr. Mark Greene. She married Mark and discovered she was pregnant at the same time Mark found out he had a brain tumor [later successfully removed].

(The Outcasts)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Earl is a former Virginian aristocrat and slave owner. He forged an unlikely alliance with ex-slave, Jemal David to become bounty hunters in the days following the Civil War.


Apartment #609
321 W. 90th St.
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
George is a loser. He is bald, shiftless and the holder of many jobs including a real estate agent for Rickbar Properties [he quit], a proofreader for Pendant Publishing [got fired for boinking the cleaning lady], a hand model [but he burned his hand on a hot iron], an executive for the New York Yankees [got fired], an employee for Play Now, a playground supply company employee [he pretended to be handicapped and got fired], and an employee at Krueger International Smoothing [where got nicknamed T-Bone, Koko and Gammie]. George once built a sleeping quarter under his office desk to hide from his employers and take unauthorized naps. George aspired to be an architect but would settle for being a porn star called Buck Naked. George hangs out with his best friend, comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

COSTANZA, Frank & Estelle
1344 Queens Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11351
Frank and Estelle are the retired parents of George Costanza who still lives with them. They constantly quarrel, shout and intimidate their loser son, George. As a hobby, Frank collects TV Guide magazine. Frank created a non-denominational alternate Christmas-time holiday called "Festivus" after getting into a fight in a toy store when he and another man both grabbed for the last doll. NOTE: A real house located on nearby 37th Street in Queens served as the exterior for the Costanza's TV home.

COSTELLO, Lou & Bud Abbott
(The Abbott & Costello Show)
( Alexander-2222 & 4444
c/o Field's Boarding House
214 Brookline Avenue
Hollywood, CA
Lou & Bud are unemployed actors.

c/o Willow Court
Walford E20, London (East End)
Dot is the local gossip. She is now a pensioner and widow. Her husband Charlie died in a Lorry accident in July 1991. She also has a son, Nick and Nigel Bates who is a comfort in her old age.

COUNTY, Brisco Jr.
(The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.)
San Francisco, CA (in 1893)
Brisco is a Harvard-educated attorney turned bounty hunter. Hired by the Westerfield Club, Brisco tracked down criminals with the help of fellow bounty hunter, Lord Bowler and attorney Socrates Poole who gave Brisco his assignments. Brisco's top priority was to find the villainous John Bly Gang [who killed Brisco's father, frontier marshal Brisco County, Sr.] and to recover a mysterious golden orb that came from the future. Along the way, Brisco carried on conversations with his intelligent horse, Comet and with the ghost of his dead father. Brisco’s romantic interest is Dixie Cousins, a sexy dance hall performer.

(Ben Casey)
Unnamed City, USA
Medical staff on duty include young resident neurosurgeon Ben Casey, his mentor Dr. David Zorba, [replaced by Dr. Daniel Niles Freeland], Dr. Maggie Graham, Dr. Ted Hoffman, Dr. Mike Rogers, Dr. Terry McDaniel, Dr. Harold Jansen, and Nurse Willis.

(The Addams Family / New Addams Family)
c/o 001 Cemetery Lane
Couisn Itt stands three-feet tall, wears a brown derby hat, sunglasses, and is covered from head-to-toe with long locks of light brown hair that obscure his face and body. He often visits his relatives, the Addams, who lived at 001 Cemetery Lane. Gomez Addams once said of Itt, "Inside all heart, outside all hair."

CRABTREE, Dave & wife, Barbara
(My Mother the Car)
( Madison 6-4699
213 Hampton Street
Dave is a lawyer. He shares his home with his wife, Barbara, and their children Cindy and Randy. The reincarnated spirit of Dave's deceased mother occupies the chassis of a 1928 Porter automobile that Dave keeps in his garage.

US/Canadian Border (1890s)
Jack is a US Marshall. He maintains the peace in a northern border town where the US-Canadian border runs down the middle of the main street. His counterpart on the Canadian side is Royal Mountie Corporal Clive Bennett. Both men courted the attentions of the lovely Marie Dumont, the town's physician.

CRANE, Frasier W.
(Cheers / Frasier)
( 555-KACL
c/o Dr. Frasier Crane Call-In Show
KACL Radio Station
Seattle, WA
Frasier is a pompous 41-year-old Freudian psychiatrist [I.Q. 129]. Frasier hosts a radio call-in show at station KACL-AM. He greeted each on-air caller with the soothing "This is Dr. Frasier Crane. I'm Listening." Frasier lives in the Elliot Bay Towers high-rise apartments [Suite 1901] with his father Martin, a retired cop; Martin's dog Eddie [whose constant staring drives Frasier crazy]; and Martin's live-in caregiver, Daphne Moon. Frasier late mother Hester Crane was also a psychiatrist. When Frasier lived in Boston Massachusetts, he hung out at a tavern called Cheers.

CRANE, Lillith Sternin-
(Cheers / Frasier)
Boston, MA
Lillith Sternin-Crane is a tightly-wound psychiatrist. She was formerly married to psychiatrist Frasier Crane. Their son is named Frederick. Lillith is the author of the best-selling psychological study Good Girls/Bad Boys. Originally her book was entitled A Cross-Sectional Study of Control Group Females with a Tendency Towards Self Destruction Vis-A-Vis Damaging Relationships with Members of the Opposite Sex, until her editor changed the title to a more marketable Good Girls/Bad Boys. From time-to-time Lillith and her son, Frederick visit Frasier Crane who now lives in Seattle, WA.

CRANE, Martin
Apartment #1901
Elliot Bay Towers
Seattle, WA
Martin is a retired cop. His late wife Hester was a psychiatrist. Martin is in his early sixties, got shot in the line of duty, and walks with the aide of a cane. He now lives with his son, Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist [whom Martin always beats at chess].

CRANE, Martin & wife, Candy
(Domestic Life)
( 555-5551
106 Liberty Lane
Seattle, WA
Martin is a commentator on KMRT-TV. He lives with his wife, Candy, and children Didi and Harold.

CRANE, Niles & wife, Maris
Seattle, WA
Niles is a Jungian psychiatrist [I.Q. 156]. He is slender, blonde, and, like his brother, Frasier Crane, a bit of an elitist. Niles’ wife, Maris is a snotty, unseen socialite who enjoys living the good life. Niles was secretly in love with Daphne Moon, the health care worker who took care of his retired father Martin. After Maris’ affairs with her marriage counselor Dr. Shenkman and Gunnar, her fencing instructor, Niles finally filed for divorce. He moved out of his luxurious gothic mansion and into the fashionable The Montana Hotel [and later the Shangri La at 52 Elm Street] while he was divorcing Maris.

CRANSTON, Kathy Lou "Cassie"
(It's A Living)
c/o Condo at the Sun Palace
Los Angeles, CA
Cassie [born in Kansas] is a waitress at the Above the Top restaurant.

CRAWFORD, Professor Henry
(The Absent-minded Professor)
Medfield College
Town of Medfield, USA
Professor Henry Crawford is a wacky physics professor. After Henry moves into the house of Ned Brainard,a former professor at Medfield, he discovers Brainard’s old car as well as his formula for flying rubber, "a green rubbery substance that creates its own energy. Henry’s friends included his girlfriend Ellen Whitley, an English teacher at Medfield; a dog named Newtown [after Isaac Newton] and a computer sidekick named Albert, a computer generated cartoon character resembling his Einsteinian namesake) that appeared on an electronic monitor located in Henry’s laboratory.

Roswell, NM
The Crashdown Cafe is the local gathering point for UFO fanatics and students of the local high school. The restaurant is owned by Geoffrey Parker. His employees included his daughter Liz [who is in love with Max Evans, a real alien] and Maria De Lucas, Liz's best friend and cafe workmate [who share's Liz's alien secret]. The cafe serves sandwiches with names like "Segourney Weaver" [the actress in the movie Alien] and "The Will Smith" [a character on the TV show Lost in Space].

(Bachelor Father)
c/o Bentley Gregg, Attorney at Law
Suite 106
Los Angeles, CA


(The Adventures of Davy Crockett)
American Frontier (in the 1800s)
Davy is a frontiersman and Indian fighter. He travels the old west with sidekick George Russell and encounters such people as rowdy, blustery riverman Mike Fink and legendary knife-expert Jim Bowie [Davy met his end at the Alamo while fighting the Mexican forces of general Santa Ana. Davy later died fighting with his rifle named "Betsy" at the Alamo.

CROCKETT, Det. James
(Miami Vice)
Miami, FL
Crockett is an undercover narcotics officer for the Organized Crime Bureau at Miami Vice. His undercover alter ego is Sonny Burnett. He drives a fancy black Ferrari Spider convertible [later a white Testarossa]. Crockett carried a 10 millimeter stainless steel Bren Ten handgun [an experimental precursor to the .40 Smith and Wesson]. His partner is Rico Tubbs, a black ex-New York street cop. Crockett lived on a sailboat called "St. Vitus Dance" with a pet alligator named Elvis. He (Crockett) sported two-day beard growth and wore pastel Hugo Boss sports jackets draped over T-Shirts, and no socks. His family included his estranged wife, Caroline; their son; and Caitlin Davies, Crockett’s second wife, a Scottish rock singer [who later died]. Crockett reported to Lt. Martin Castillo. In the series finale, both Crockett and Tubbs left the force.

(Cowboy G-Men)
Old West (late 1800s)
Stoney is a secret government agent. He maintained law and order with the help of his undercover partner, Pat Gallagher.

CROFT, Camilla
(Hull High)
c/o King's Trailer Park
34 Cove road
Camilla is a student at Cordell High.

(Going to Extremes)
c/o Dr. Henry Croft
Island of Jantique (in the Caribbean)
Henry is a maverick multi-millionaire. After earning a fortune from a patent for a joint replacement system, the outspoken Henry established Croft University Medical School. His staff included Dr. Michael Norris, the Dean of Croft University who is a graduate of Johns Hopkins, a doctor of pediatrics, and a native of Jantique; Dr. Alice Dave, an Oxford-educated professor of Internal Medicine; Dr. Jack Van De Wegne, an Australian professor of anatomy; clinic Nurse Sarah; and Beht Walters, school library worker.

CROOKE, Det. Lennie
(The Partners)
21 Ridge Canyon Road
Los Angeles, CA
Lennie's police partner is George Robinson.

CROSS, Harrison
(Boston Common)
c/o Randolph Harrington College
Boston, MA
Harrison Cross is the newly elected head of Randolph Harrington College in Boston. Harrison is snotty, presumptuous, progressive and doesn't mind cutting student services to save the college money, no matter how much his staff, especially the school's student liaison complained. Harrison pretends to be from a fashionable section of Hyde Park in London, but in reality he is just a poor Cockney gent who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks (British white garbage).

(The Young Riders)
Town of Sweetwater (1860)
Buck "Little Buck" Cross is a half white/half Indian working in the old west for the Pony Express. He rode ponies across the American Frontier from St. Joseph to Sacramento. He is headquartered near the town of Sweetwater on the Central Overland Express line. Buck's Indian heritage was part Cherokee and part Osage.

(The John Larouquette Show)
St. Louis, MO
The Crossroads is a seedy bus terminal located in the bad part of town. Those who frequented the place included John Hemingway, the bus terminal’s night manager [later promoted to day shift]; Mahalia Sanchez, his assistant; Dexter Wilson, the angry snack counter operator; Officer Hampton and Eggers who sat at the snack bar and ate donuts all night; Heavy Gene, the easy-going terminal janitor; Oscar, a looney homeless man [who later ran the terminals newsstand]; Teddi the transvestite; Walker, the bartender at the terminal bar; Chester, John‘s AA sponsor who helps John with his drinking problem; Carly Watkins, one of the terminal’s working girls [eventually she quit the hooker business and bought the terminal’s bar, found a millionaire and then sold the bar to Catherine Merrick, a nurse from County General Emergency Room and John’s romantic interest.


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