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DE FAZIO, Laverne
(Laverne & Shirley)
( Klondike 5-9988
Apartment A (basement level)
730 Knapp Street
Milwaukee, WI.
Laverne works in the bottle-cap division of Shotz Brewery with her co-worker and roommate Shirley Feeney. Their apartment is located 4 blocks from Milwaukee harbor. Their alternate address is 730 Hampton Street. When the girls moved to California they resided at 113 and 1/2 Laurel Vista Drive in Los Angeles. Note: Their Spanish-style house in the California episodes actually sits near the corner of Third Street and Delaware Road in Burbank, California. It's right across the street from Burbank High School.

DE LA RUE, Princess Georgina
4107 5th Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
The Princess, a.k.a. "Georgy" shares her luxurious apartment with Tracy Dillon & Melissa "Mel" Kirshner.

DE LA VEGA, Don Diego
(Zorro/Zorro & Son)
c/o The Del La Vega Hacienda
Old Los Angeles, CA (in the 1820s)
Don Diego is a Spanish nobleman who donned a black mask and cap to become Zorro, [Spanish word for "fox"] the mysterious "defender of the people" and righter of wrongs in the 1820s Spanish occupied area of old Los Angeles. By day Diego played the role of milksop dandy; by night or in time of need he became Zorro. Diego's sidekick is Bernardo, a mute manservant [pretending to be deaf] who is the only one who knows of his master's alter ego as the bold renegade, Zorro.

c/o Javier, Manager
New York City, NY
Javier is the gay manager of this local restaurant. Other staff include Felicity Porter, a pre-med student at New York University and Ben Covington, Felicity's romantic interest.

(The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
c/o Mr. Del Floria
New York City, NY
The shop is actually the secret entrance to the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement agency somewhere on East 46th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues). Mr. Del Floria provides agents access to U.N.C.L.E. headquarters through an entrance at the back of the shop's fitting room stalls.

(The Delphi Bureau)
c/o Sybil Van Loween
Washington, DC
The Delphi Bureau is a unique intelligence agency reporting directly to the US President. The only agent in the Delphi Bureau is Glenn Garth, whose special talents are his photographic memory and total recall abilities. He reports to supervisor Sybil Van Loween, a mysterious D.C. socialite.

(Delta House)
c/o Faber College
Town of Faber, PA
Delta House is based on the fraternity seen in the movie Animal House (1978). Its members included Robert Hoover, Jim 'Blotto" Blutarsky, Flounder, D-Day, Otter & Pinto. The Delta house's disciplinary file revealed their members had been involved in such activities as dropping a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet; delivering medical cadavers to the alumni dinner; filling campus trees with underwear every Halloween; and exploding toilets every spring. Note: The Faber College campus was actually the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon at Cottage Grove.

(Happy Days)
c/o Arnold's Drive-In Restaurant
2815 Lake Avenue
Milwaukee, WI
Al owns the local burger joint where students from Jefferson High School hangout. When Arnold's burns down, Al rebuilds with help from his new partner, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonarelli.

(Joanie & Chachi)
c/o Al Delvecchio
1632 Palmer Street
Chicago, IL
When Al, the owner of Arnold's Drive-In Restaurant in Milwaukee, moves to Chicago, he opens Delvecchio's Family Restaurant with the help of his new wife, Louisa Arcola. Chachi Arcola, Al's new stepson regularly performed at the restaurant with his band which included Joanie Cunningham, Chachi's girlfriend; Bingo their drummer; and Chachi's cousins Mario and Annette. Al and family later returned to Arnold's Drive-In in Milwaukee on the Happy Days sitcom after the Joanie & Chachi TV series got canceled.

DENNIS, Chance & wife, Micki
( 555-3111
30th Street
Georgetown [near Washington D.C.]
Chance teaches criminology at Georgetown University. His wife, Micki is a protocol aide for the State Department.

(21 Beacon Street)
c/o Dennis Chase
21 Beacon Street
Anytown, USA (Unnamed City)
Chase's staff includes his sexy assistant Lola, law school graduate Brian, and Jim, a talented handyman.

DENNIS, Pepper
(Pepper Dennis)
Apt 5F
Chicago, IL
Pepper is the number one reporter at WEIE TV Channel 4 in Chicago. Unfortunately, one night, she meets this great guy at a bar and has a one-night stand, The man turns out to be Chicago Babcock, the station's newly hired anchorperson, a position which Pepper had sought. Adding to Pepper's problems is her sister, who just left her husband and moves into Pepper's apartment and reveals to Charlie one her most deepest darkest secrets (that Pepper's real name is Patty Dinkle).

(The Ted Knight Show)
( 555-DATE
136 East 46th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Roger operates the "Mr. Dennis Escort Service" from his apartment.

DENT, Arthur
(Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy)
Somewhere in Space
Arthur is a human. Luckily, just as Earth is destroyed to make way for an interstellar hyperspace bypass, earthling Arthur Dent, still dressed in his bathrobe and slippers, is saved from the Earth's untimely demise through the intervention of an alien named Ford Prefect. Now homeless Arthur hitchhikes through the universe and observes its complexities. To help fully understand his journey, Arthur consults a talking book named The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy.

c/o The Sunshine Cab Company
New York, NY
Louis is a taxi cab dispatcher. He is mean, selfish and crude. Louie works in an elevated cubicle [a.k.a. "The Cage"] with his assistant Jeff Bennett. When one of the cab drivers crosses Louie, he gives them a broken down cab called "the Widow Maker." The word "accident" is the one word Louis never wanted to hear. As he once said "Never, never say that word!" When not yelling at the hired help, Louie is hitting on them, especially the attractive red-haired cab driver Elaine Nardo. Louis refers to her breasts as "headlights." Although Louie never got any where with Nardo, he did woo and fall in love with Zena Sherman, the candy-vending machine delivery girl. Louie had a love/hate relationship with his old world Italian-American mother.

(Department S)
c/o Sir Curtis Sereste, Director
1703 DeMarne Street
Paris, France
Department S is a special branch of the International Police Force (Interpol). Their top operatives are Jason King, Annabelle Hurst, and Stewart Sullivan.

(Yancy Derringer)
New Orleans, LA (late 1800s)
Yancy is an suave ex-Confederate soldier turned gambler and special agent for the city of New Orleans. His loyal silent, unsmiling Indian sidekick Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah [Pawnee for "Wolf who stands in water"] carried a knife in his headdress and a shotgun under a blanket that he wore around his body. Of course, Yancy carried a derringer hand gun in his hat for protection.

DESMOND, Henry & Hildegarde
(Bosom Buddies)
c/o Susan B. Anthony Hotel
Apartment 312
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Henry works at an ad agency. He assumes the alter ego of Hildegarde [his sister] to stay in the women's only hotel after his apartment building is demolished. His roommate, Kip Wilson does likewise [he's Buffy].

DESMOND, Jean Paul
(Strange Paradise)
Island of Maljardin
Jean Paul is a wealthy financier. He lived in a cursed family mansion on the Caribbean Island of Maljardin [French for "Evil Garden."] Jean Paul's love for his wife Erica was so great that he tried to resurrect her dead body (stored in cryogenic suspension) with the aid of a biochemist. When science fails him Jean Paul calls upon the forces of darkness and the long-departed spirit of Jacques Eloi DeMonde, one of Jean Paul's ancestors. Taking refuge in his painted portrait that sits over the mansion fireplace, St. Jacques brings Erica back from the dead.

DESTRY, Harrison
Texas (late 1800s)
Destry is the gun-shy son of Tom Destry, a famous lawmen. Trying to follow in this father's footsteps Harrison took a job as a sheriff but was framed for embezzlement and sent to prison. Upon his release, Harrison tracked down the man responsible for his incarceration.

DEVANOW, Mark & wife, Fran
(Mad About You)
Apt # 1925 [or #17]
Upper East Side
New York City, NY
Mark is a gynecologist and obstetrician. He is easy-going, likes Opera and makes a good living earning about $300,000 a year. Born October 28th, Fran is a regional VP at the Public Relations firm of Farrer, Ganz. She likes to shop. After five years, Fran quit her job to spend more time with her son, Ryan and later joined forces with Jamie Buchman [her former employee and best friend at Farrer, Gantz] to form a PR firm of their own. Mark and Fran were Jewish and observed Seder [Fran made kugel for her sister-in- law].

DEVERE, Richard
(To The Manor Born)
Grantleigh Manor & Lodge
Rural England
Richard is a Czechoslovakian millionaire in the grocery business. His mother, Mrs. Polouvicka also lives at the Manor. When Mr. DeVere moved into the neighborhood, the following ad ran in the local newspaper: "The ancestral home of the fforbes-Hamilton family has been bought by the chairman of Cavendish foods, Mr. Richard DeVere, as a result of bankruptcy proceedings against the estate of the late Martin fforbes-Hamilton." Widow Lady Audrey Forbes-Hamilton relocated to the Manor Lodge on the estate with her manservant, Brabinger.

DEVEREAUX, Annette & Monique
(Hotel DeParee)
c/o The Hotel De Paree
Georgetown, CO (1870s)
Annette and her niece, Monique own and operate the Hotel De Paree, an elegant European style hotel situated in the rustic town of Georgetown, Colorado. The hotel's premises are protected by the Sundance Kid, a gunslinger turned law enforcer.

DEVEREAUX, Blanche Elizabeth
(The Golden Girls)
6151 Richmond Street
Miami Beach, FL
Blanche works at a museum. She shares her home with fellow senior citizens Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak, and Sophia Petrillo, Dorothy's mother.

DEVILLE, Howard & wife, Betty
N. Highland
Howard and Betty are parents of fraternal one and one-half year old twins Phil and Lil. They live next-door to the Pickles family who live at 1258 N. Highland. Philip "Phil" and Lillian "Lil" are playmates of one-year-old Tommy Pickles and two-year-old Chuckie Finster. Phil & Lil love to eat gross stuff like worms and toilet water.

(The Devlin Connection)
11632 Ocean River Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Brian is a former private eye/military intelligence officer who now runs the Los Angeles Cultural Arts Center. His long lost son, Nick Corsello is a private investigator.



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