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DuBOIS, Benson
c/o The Governor's Mansion.
[Unnamed State]
Benson is the sharp-tongued butler of Governor James Gatling. Later in the series Benson is promoted to the job of State Budget Director. The exterior shot of the governor's mansion used on the series is actually a mansion located at 1365 S. Oakland Avenue in Pasadena, California.


(The Duck Factory)
c/o Sherry Jurwalski, Owner
1579 Bruckner Street
Hollywood, CA
This is the production site of the fictional TV cartoon series "Dippy Duck" based in a rundown building. Employees include producer/animator Skip Tarkenton, animation director Brooks Carmichael, business manager Agatha "Aggie" Aylesworth, film editor Andrea Levin, voice-over artist Wally Wooster [voice of Dippy Duck], writer Mart Fenneman, and animator Roland Culp.

DUFFY, Caroline
(Caroline in the City)
Apartment 2A
432 East 78th Street
New York City, NY
Caroline is a Wisconsin born artist and greeting card designer who produced the daily newspaper comic strip "Caroline In The City" [syndicated in 565 newspapers] from her downtown TriBeCa apartment. Richard Karinsky is her brooding co-worker and colorist/illustrator assistant [and later lover]. Caroline's friends included Del Cassidy, a greeting card company executive and Caroline's on/off love interest; neighbor Annie Spadaro, a Broadway dancer; Charlie, a klutzy delivery service messenger on skates; and Remo, the owner of an Italian restaurant called Remo's where Caroline hung out. Salty is Caroline's beige Himilayan cat.

DUFFY, Charley
(The Queen and I)
c/o The S.S. Amsterdam Queen
New York Harbor, NY
Charley is a ship's purser. He works on the S.S. Amsterdam Queen, an aging ocean liner slated to be sold for scrap metal by its owner Commodore Dodds. To prevent the ship's demise, Charley actively pursued any scheme he could to nix the sale. Duffy, of course, had ulterior motives for his actions. If the ship was sold he would not only lose his job and but such lucrative under-the-counter dealings as renting out onboard space for weddings and bar mitzvahs without the consent of its owners. Other crew members included Captain Washburn and First Officer Oliver Nelson, Charley's arch enemy.

(Duffy's Tavern)
( Murray Hill 3-8000
New York City, NY
Miss Duffy is the cashier at Duffy's Tavern.

(Duffy's Tavern)
c/o Archie, Manager
Third Avenue
New York City, NY
Duffy's is the place where "the elite meet to eat." Directions to this friendly neighborhood bar: "Go into the street (at Park Avenue), You'll see a lot of them dames with the new look-long dresses. Well, just keep going east till you see knees." Charlie is the tavern's waiter. The owner's daughter Miss Duffy is the cashier. Archie refers to her as "Nature's Revenge on Peeping Toms."

DUGAN, Queenie and Kim Tracy
(So This Is Hollywood)
La Paloma Courts
Sweeter Streets
Hollywood, CA
Queenie is a stuntwoman. Kim is an actress at Imperial Artists Studios

DUKE, Catherine
c/o WNYX Radio
New York, NY
Catherine is an African-American news anchor at WNYX, an all-news radio station. Her co-anchor is Bill McNeal.

DUKE, cousins Luke & Bo
(The Dukes of Hazzard)
( LOST SHEEP [Their CB Handle]
Old Mill Road
Hazzard County, GA
The Duke Boys [who drive a souped-up 1969 Dodge Charger called "The General Lee"] live on a farm with their uncle Jesse and cousin Daisy. Uncle Jessie's CB handle is SHEPHERD; Daisy's is COUNTRY COUSIN. The Dukes spend their days defending Hazzard County from the corrupt dealings of Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg and his dimwitted confederate Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane.

US/Canadian Border (1890s)
Marie is the town physician. She treats patients in a northern bordertown where the US-Canadian border runs down the middle of the main street. The law officers on either side of the border, Royal Mountie Corporal Clive Bennett and US Marshall Jack Craddock, compete for her attentions.

(Wichita Town)
Wichita, KS (1870s)
Mike Dunbar is a marshal. He maintained law and order in the 1870s town of Wichita with the help of his deputies Ben Matheson and Rico Rodriguez. Mike's friends included Nat Wyndham, the town doctor; Aeneas MacLinahan, the blacksmith; and Joe Kingston, the bartender in the local saloon.

DUNCAN, Sabrina
(Charlie's Angels)
c/o Charles Townsend Investigations
Los Angeles, CA
Sabrina is a private detective. She is classy, brunette, divorced [from Bill Duncan], and a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy. Sabrina was recruited by Charlie Townsend, [whom she's never seen] to solve crimes along with her colleagues John Bosley [Charlie's assistant] and detectives Jill Munroe, and Kelly Garrett. When Sabrina left Charlie to get married and raise a family, she was replaced by Boston police officer Tiffany Welles, whose police Lieutenant father was Charlie's friend. Tiffany drove Sabrina's orange Pinto when she departed.

(Dundee & the Culhane)
Sausalito, CA
Dundee, a British barrister based in Sausalito, California who traveled the West of the late 19th century helping clients, assisted by a younger American apprentice, The Culhane.

(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper)
653 Hamilton Street
Oakland, CA
Robin is a music teacher. She lives with Mark Cooper and Vanessa Russell to cut down on expenses. Note: The show's house exterior is the same facade used on the sitcom Growing Pains.

DUNN, Declan
(Mysterious Ways)
New England Region, USA
Dunn is a professor of Archeology at a leading New England University. His mission in life is to discover the secrets behind miraculous events. Dunn himself had survived being buried under an avalanche and now sought tangible proof of the existence of miracles. With the help of his assistant Peggy, Dunn tries to explain what science cannot.

(The Magnificent Seven)
Southwest, USA (late 1800s)
J.D. is a gunfighter. He belongs to a group of drifters known as The Magnificent Seven." J.D. was raised as a stable boy in a mansion, His chambermaid mother provided money for his to better himself but she squandered it on high adventure. Judge Travis later appointed J.D. sheriff in the town of Four Corners.

DUNPHY, Rochelle
(Stand By Your Man)
866 Fairlawn Avenue
Paramus, NJ (Franklin Heights)
Rochelle's husband, Roger resides at New Jersey State Penitentiary (#42997) with Artie Popowski (#01832), the husband of Rochelle's sister, Lorraine (who later moves in with Rochelle)

1112 Ashton Drive
Phoenix, AZ
Belle is a waitress at Mel's Diner.

DUPREE, Dennis
(Hope & Gloria)
c/o WPNN, Channel 5
Pittsburgh, PA
Dennis is a talk show host. He is a veteran TV personality of 23 years and now stars on "The Dennis Dupree Show" ["the host who cares the most"] that airs daily at 4:00 PM on WPNN, Channel 5. Dennis is vain, obnoxious and the author of a black musical entitled "Man and Women". Hope Davidson is Dupree's long-suffering producer. In his early days in the business, Dennis worked with Merv Griffin and Regis Philbin.

DUTTON, Frank & daughter, Lindsay
(First Impressions)
( 555-1222
1130 Eckland Place
Omaha, NE
Frank is a talented impressionist and voice-over artist for Media of Omaha.



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